Fish Stocks and The Grastropods!

Responsible food shopper ~
What you can do to help fish stocks

"There are plenty more fish in the sea, you just need be discerning and seek out species in abundant supply"

Here's how to be a responsible food shopper, a curious consumer, vary the seafood you eat and try eating seasonally...
Read more: What you can do to help fish stocks;

Whelks are one of my favourite shellfish but I couldn't imagine that finding info or recipes could be so adventurous. Here are my findings.

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Tasting menu
~ Whelk (bourgot in French) is a marine snail with a whitish spiral-shaped shell. The edible part has a delicate, slightly salty taste...
Read more: Chef’s recipe: Sautéed Whelks with Aioli;

~ From British Regional Food to New Orleans...
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The Gastropod
Whelks are saltwater molluscs with grey or brownish shells and resemble pointy snails...
Read more: Whelk : Recipes and helpful tips;

~ Celebrate the taste of the seaside...
Read more: Braised whelks with coriander and black beans;

~ The town of Barnstable [...] has an extensive shellfish propagation program, and the professionals in the Natural Resources department routinely recruit recreational shellfishers to help plant quahog seeds...
Read more: Gastropod gastronomy;

More: How to Eat Whelks;

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From the mixer
~ Dolphin innovators hunt fish by collecting conch shells;
~ 3,000-Year-Old Conch Trumpets Play Again;
~ Facts about whelk: comparison with conch, as discussed in conch (marine snail):
~ Whelk ice cream never meant we stopped being a Pot Noodle nation;

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Sea - Anchovies Marinated with Raspberries and...Image by ockstyle via Flickr
~ Stuffed Shells;
~ Kyubei, Ginza;
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Florida Conch Fritters on FoodistaFlorida Conch Fritters

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