Sunday, 19 June 2016

Logos, Tools and Body Language :: The Internet Of Things

Really? ©ockstyle


ça va sans dire :: it goes without saying

"Delightfully yours, Food Meditations"


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Start up kit

Branding is one of the key areas a business should focus on in order to differentiate themselves within a crowded market... 4 Basic Rules for Brand Survival via Truly Deeply

Writing effective online copy is very important in helping you grow your business... Copywriting: How to Get Your Blog Off the Ground via Surefire Social

If you aren't using graphics or videos yet, you're wasting a big opportunity... Why You Need to Go Visual in Social Media in 2016 via

Misconceptions around the psychology of color... The Psychology of Color in Marketing and Branding via

Rule 1: The Writer Still Has to Ask the Right Questions... Three Rules for Writing Questions for a Q&A interview style piece via

A picture a day...

Italy's most famous photo reporter, Gianni Berengo Gardin, has spent more than half a century documenting a disappearing world and now recognises that even his own profession is fading fast... Gianni Berengo Gardin's breathtaking images document Europe's industrialisation via Daily Mail Online

Food for thought

The value of a box-full of secure, easy-to-install, Internet-capable sensors might have abstract value on the consumer side of things. But... We've Been Approaching The Internet Of Things All Wrong via Co.Design | business + design

Video will not save your media business. Nor will bots, newsletters, a “morning briefing” app, a “lean back” iPad experience, Slack integration, a Snapchat channel, or a great partnership with Twitter... Your Media Business Will Not Be Saved via Medium

A group of students at the School of Visual Communication, Denmark, has created a clever and though-provoking campaign for the Danish Health Authority... Redesigned Logos Of Famous Food Brands Show How Unhealthy Their Products Are via


Humans have more than 700,000 forms of body language: facial expressions, gestures... Your Body Speaks: The Body Language Etiquette for Global Business via

According to the FTC, native advertising is any piece of sponsored digital media that resembles the design, style, or functionality of non-sponsored media and... FTC Native Advertising Guide via

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Functional Food, Traveling Gluten Free and the Climatarian Diet

Travel Bites: Somewhere on Via Salaria, Rome | photo: ©ockstyle


“The secret to being wrong isn't to avoid being wrong! The secret is being willing to be wrong. The secret is realizing that wrong isn't fatal.” ~ Seth Godin, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?

"Delightfully yours, Food Meditations"


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Whether you’re living with celiac disease or simply avoiding gluten for one reason or another, here are my three main things to consider before embarking on your next adventure… Traveling Gluten-Free in Italy… with a Basic Vocabulary via

Food Trends

Fueling interest in health and wellness with digital: "To eat healthy, you have to pay a lot of attention," says Dr. Frank Lipman... 2016 Food Trends on Google: The Rise of Functional Foods via Think with Google

Seaweed was invented approximately forever ago when Odin and Quetzalcoatl agreed the world needed oceans in which we could all pee... The 5 Most Moronic Food Trends Of 2016 (So Far) via

From root-to-stem dining, no-tipping restaurants, to hot chicken and the rise of food halls... Where to Find the Hottest Food Trends in 2016 via

It’s well known that many foods popular in certain countries didn’t actually originate there but were in fact carried over by travelers or traders at some point... How the world's most popular foods have traveled all over the planet via

From turmeric everything to seriously upgraded oatmeal, these are the ingredients, products, and... The Coolest Food Trends in 2016 via Bon Appétit

Gluten Free

Carb concerns are hardly the only reason people are choosing to avoid grains... Why Grain-Free Flours Are the Next Hot Baking Trend via One Green Planet

Gluten-free and high-protein: Chickpea flour's time has finally come. It's naturally gluten-free, meaning there's no weird science going into making it suitable for those with wheat allergies in its au naturel state... via

Blueberry Muffins, a cannabis twist on a true, blue classic... Making Gluten-Free Blueberry Muffins (with Weed) via Marijuana

Diet news

We might get the link between climate change and burning fossil fuels and even try to limit our use with solar panels and smaller cars, but there's less awareness that our food choices are also influencing climate change... Eating to cool the planet - are you ready for a climatarian diet? via

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Ready to Launch :: Food Trucks, Blogging and... Sunday Nights

Collage 20160525 by ockstyle

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Startup Kit

How you can get started in the mobile food industry, whether you want to own a food truck, cart, trailer, kiosk or other on-the-go food business... The Legal Side of Owning a Food Truck via

Why most people will tell you they don't look forward to Sunday evenings? 12 things successful people do on Sunday nights via Business Insider

Different communities may attract different kinds of entrepreneurs... 30 Top Cities for Women Entrepreneurs via

A lack of personal capital shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your dreams... How to Start a Business With (Almost) No Money via

On Blogging

...And while there are many articles written about why you should blog to grow your business or become an expert or make a whole bunch of money—the best recommendations are still found in the personal realization that blogging changes you, the writer... 15 Reasons I Think You Should Blog via, and How to Start a Successful Blog Today via The Minimalists

Travel Bites

This is why you should never store milk on the top shelf of the fridge via Mirror Online

Why you should never give a Russian yellow flowers or make a toast with water in Germany: The extreme superstitions tourists should know from around the world... The extreme superstitions tourists should know from around the world via Daily Mail Online

There’s something unusual about Cooperativa Agraria Cafetalera, Peru’s coffee co-operative... ‘Women’s Coffee’ creates opportunity via SBS Food

Terra e Gusto...



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