Sunday, 7 February 2016

Meaty Bites :: Lamb Special and Colories Counting

Roman holidays :: Red petal on the sidewalk... | photo: ©ockstyle


“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”
~ Dr. Seuss (

"Delightfully yours, Food Meditations"


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Fishing is an act that risks censure... The Privilege of Wild Food via The New York Times

Lamb special

Perfect for outdoor cooking... Quick lamb kebabs via Jamie Oliver

Slow-roasted boneless leg of lamb comes out extra tender with a crisp... Slow-Roasted Boneless Leg of Lamb With Garlic, Rosemary, and Lemon via Serious Eats

These divine lamb dishes are great comfort foods and perfect for entertaining... Recipes: Gourmet Lamb Recipes via


Points to remember: It's worth leaving some fat on your lamb to keep the meat moist during cooking... How to butterfly a leg of lamb via BBC Good Food

Have you ever roasted a leg of lamb? It may sound intimidating, but the sweet little secret is that leg of lamb is actually one of the easiest... How To Roast a Leg of Lamb: The Simplest, Easiest Method — Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn

Dieting Notes

One in three are attempting to lose weight in this way at any given moment. Yet there is ample evidence that diets rarely lead to sustained weight loss... Is the Calorie Really a Useful Measure? via The Atlantic

The existence of a calorie-counter is often defined by an obsessive focus on how to "spend" one's daily allotment... Calorie-Counting Is Terrible on All Fronts via The Cut

Food Trends

Trends can be a mixed bag. Remember that time when everyone thought the cabbage soup diet was a good idea? 10 Delicious Food Trends To Look Out For This Year via

These are the delicacies that those in the know will be tucking into this year... Food Trends in 2016 with a pinch of food-for-thought via

Italian cuisine remains America’s favorite. Beyond that, the new Zagat Survey revealed a few odd surprises... Biggest Food & Restaurant Trends of 2016? Survey Says... via Forbes

Friday, 29 January 2016

Culinary Knowledge, Stress, Travel and... Running

Prepping Struffoli... | photo: ©ockstyle


"Great minds discuss ideas;
average minds discuss events;
small minds discuss people."
~ Eleanor Roosevelt (

"Delightfully yours, Food Meditations"


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Jacob Harmer takes us on an expedition across treacherous terrain... Run via NOWNESS

Travel Bites

Clearly I need less stress in my life. To make this happen I have decided to use this column to address all the things about restaurants that I truly hate... The 12 things that restaurants must stop doing in 2016 | Life and style via The Guardian

Not every stop was a cakewalk, but we always found some—and usually many—things to love... How a Year of Travel Changed My Life—Permanently via Condé Nast Traveler

It is a dream, and anyone can do it. It takes will, passion and the courage to face fear. Chase your dreams, I tell them. Don’t look back... Living, and Tasting, the Dream via

Tasting notes

Taste Test Wine Prank via

Bartenders and especially sommeliers are recognizing the need for serious stemware to match the increasingly high quality of beers on the market... How to pick the right beer glass via

Winemaking that relies not on the machinations of Old Scratch, but on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, the anthroposophical philosopher who created the biodynamic method of holistic agriculture in 1924... It Takes a Lot of Cow Skulls to Make Good Wine via MUNCHIES


Victor Dragonetti’s street scenes are colorful, and complex,... Magic and Mystery on São Paulo's Streets via The New York Times

Did you know?

There’s a good chance the word “natural” doesn’t mean what you think it does... People Are Totally Clueless About What 'Natural' Food Labels Mean via

If you think your culinary knowledge is up to scratch then take our quiz to find out if you really are an expert in all things food... The 30-question quiz that reveals if you're a REAL foodie via Daily Mail Online

From the archives...

2015 :: Chef Talk: David Chang's Ramlet and... (other fresh culinary stories) via

2014 :: DIY Dim Sum, Preparing for Chinese New Year Celebration via

2013 :: Egg, Jellyfish and Barrel-Aged Cocktails [ #GF #News ] via

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Essential Wine Lingo, Sushi Seafood and a Pinch of Art

Travel Bites :: Paris, Urban Walking... | photo: ©ockstyle


"All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking."
~Friedrich Nietzsche (

"Delightfully yours, Food Meditations"


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Here's our reading list on...

Wine lingo

It’s easy to drink good wine, but knowing how to find it is the real secret... What I Wish I Knew When I First Got Into Wine via Wine Folly

Whether you are trying to impress your friends, date, clients, ordering at a fancy restaurant, or... Wine Lingo Cheat Sheet - How to talk wine like a Somm! via

A great theme for an evening with friends, (just drink with moderation)... How to throw a vodka and zakuski party | Entertaining via Matching Food & Wine

You know what wines you like but how do you describe them? Top Wine Tasting Terms To Know And How to Use Them via Wine Folly

Even the most seasoned seafood eaters can be overwhelmed by the options at a sushi bar... Four Essential Sushi Fish to Know via Eater

A pinch of Arts

Valuing an artwork can be a subjective affair. It demands a detailed understanding of an artist’s career,... The Secrets of Art Pricing New Collectors Need to Know via

In video, women found a form free from the male-dominated canon, in much the same way that performance art provided unchartered territory for experimentation... Why Are There So Many Great Women Video Artists? via

From the archives...

2015 :: Massimo Bottura on Lou Reed... when Food meets Art, Science and Schmaltz via Food Meditations

2014 :: Food, Styling & Photography : Personal Projects, Tips & Tricks via Food Meditations

2013 :: Food Projects, Swedish Inspiration, Haggis and Burns Night Recipes via Food Meditations

In vino veritas

È già difficile esprimere un profumo, un gusto, una sensazione con le parole della propria lingua, figuriamoci poi a trasportare le descrizioni barocche e immaginifiche, che gli autori non lesinano... Racconto diVino :: ovvero :: Il sapore delle parole via
A glass of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo... photo: ©SaraScutti per



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