The Art of Photographing Food for Bloggers

Food, the fact that it’s often at hand, have made it a much-captured subject in the world of photography. It's the focus of everyday cooking, of still life images, or conceptual fine-art photography and, most times then not, is the product of the collaboration of food photographers and stylists (food and props). So, how do you photograph food?

Taking great photographs of food is a hard-earned skill—after all, that's why some people are lucky enough to get paid for it. But what separates magazine-worthy photos from their less impressive counterparts isn't a fancy camera or expensive equipment...

We’re all at different stages of our food photography journey and we’ve all had amazing advice from people who’ve walked the walk before us.

Great food photography takes careful planning and more than just a point-and-shoot camera. Consider these insights and tips from professional photographers when beginning your journey into the realm of culinary photography.

How can you improve the quality of your own work? Here you find an introduction to photography written for beginners, with several tips and suggestions to take your skills as far as possible.

But do not get discouraged, the images you see in magazines and books will almost certainly have had some input from a stylist, one who is experienced with working with different foods and props in order to make everything look tantalizingly presentable.

How to choose which oil is right for you!

Which oil is right for you? That depends largely on the type of cooking you’re doing. An oil’s smoke point, which is the point when oil starts burning and smoking, is one of the most important things to consider. The 10 Best and Worst Oils For Your Health

When something is labeled vegetable oil, what exactly does that mean? Which option would be the best for frying and how do you store them all so they don't go rancid. How to Choose the Right Cooking Oil

Cooking tips

You better not be wasting a fortune deep-frying in olive oil. If you’re frying at home, you should be using vegetable oil. Bam. There you go. You’re welcome. This is the best oil for frying


While olive oil is well-known to be heart healthy, there are others that are equally beneficial and may be even more appropriate for certain foods or food preparations. Best Cooking Oils for High Cholesterol


Fat can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Good fats (your best friend) are fats that exist as nature intended them and are unrefined. 10 Fats You Should Eat Every Day (Seriously)

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unsplash-logoAaron Burden

Cod, Herring, Shark, Sheep... Good Viking Food!

Travel Bites
Bringing people up-close to the source of their food is admirably rational, but that rotten fish seemed anything but... In Iceland, food is a challenge, not a meal. Good Viking food!

Photo credit: Steve Parfitt


Quanto ne sai sul sushi? 10 domande per dimostrare di essere veri Shokunin, maestri del sushi... Fai il test!

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Croisement(s) : cuisiner est-il devenu un acte politique? Watch the video

FUN FACT: The traditional way of fermenting shark is to bury it in the ground and then urinating on it before letting it ferment for months. Sounds yummy, right?

7 Dishes You Have to Eat in Iceland - Like in most of Scandinavia, the cuisine is entirely inspired by the ingredients Icelanders have around them, from the free-roaming sheep to the cod, herring, and char that splash around the cold Arctic waters

Weight Management
Why all calories aren't created equal - Firstly, high value low calories can easily be confused with low value empty ones. “You are what you eat and absorb - food is more than just energy - it’s what repairs cells and keeps us nourished,”

Terra e Gusto...



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