2010/2011 Top Trends, from ... to ... : When Dessert is Truthfully Better Than Sex!

Food & Drink Edition ~
The Top 10 Google Searches for 2010 ~

"To start, let's look at the way people are still using the Internet, particularly Google: as a shinier version of the Yellow Pages"

Here's the thesis: You have to track people in order to track trends. And what you find when tracking those people/trends is enlightening in so many ways...
Read more: The Top 10 Google Searches for 2010: Food & Drink Edition; blogs.houstonpress.com

"When one door closes another door opens, but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the ones which open for us." ~Alexander Graham Bell (quotegarden.com)

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The Top 10 Everything of 2010
In 50 wide-ranging lists, TIME surveys the highs and lows, the good and the bad, of the past 12 months...
Read more: The New Naturalism; time.com

Everything 2011?
'Tis true that making predictions can be a fool's errand, but still we press on with our ears to the ground and our lips to the plate and glass (yes, it's a funny-looking position)...
Read more: Food Trend Predictions for 2011; epicurious.com

Food for thought
​Many claim the hyperbolic title - cakes, pies, layer desserts and the like - but few truly live up to the name. Here's a list that could claim the description truthfully...
Read more: 5 Desserts That Are Actually Better Than Sex; blogs.houstonpress.com

Cookie time
~ A collection that offers a multitude of chocolate-filled, bacon-kissed, cherry-chunked, minty-fresh, wafer-thin, custom-decorated ways to sweeten the season...
Read more: Apps for baking: Cookulus and Martha Stewart Makes Cookies; washingtonpost.com

~ Holiday Cookie Recipes for 2010 - Holiday cookies, cookie recipes, chistmas cookies; washingtonpost.com
~ Cookie Monster Cupcakes » Pie of the Tiger |; pieofthetiger.com

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Tools of the trade
~ A growing number of Web entrepreneurs and bloggers find that food is their forte. Bacon Today features photos of extreme dishes made with the breakfast meat. Hungry Dudes...
Read more: Expanding menu of Web sites satisfies hunger for food coverage; washingtonpost.com

~ Late-night dining all the rage; crainsnewyork.com
~ The Cutting Edge; saveur.com

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Travel bites
A first encounter with Nordic cuisine in Iceland, where over the course of a wintry week there was to try whale, reindeer, and hákarl, (let's say a form of aged shark meat)...
Read more: Dining the Nordic Way; newsweek.com

Frozen dessert
As the winter chill sets in, it might seem entirely wrong to be talking about ice cream, but...
Read more: Totally chilled: Festive ice cream flavours are on the menu this winter - including Christmas cake and stilton;

Pantry notes
~ 2,400-year-old pot containing soup found; china.globaltimes.cn
~ What's in your pantry? - Luke Mangan; fashionfoodfatale.com
~ How To Store and Cook With Butter; fabulousfoods.com

Holiday's at Restaurant.com

From the mixer
~ Who’s Top Kosher Chef? A Jewish Cuisine Cook-Off; nytimes.com
~ Fun Christmas Gifts 2010; picky-palate.com
~ Five Alternative Uses for Candy Canes; blogs.houstonpress.com

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