Parsnips, Sprouts, ... Eat Your Vegs at Christmas, and Art for Food Lovers

Now Hanging ~
Art for Food Lovers ~

"John Donohue, an editor of the New Yorker’s “Goings on About Town” section, certainly has a lot going on"

At Atlantic Gallery's current exhibition, “EAT/ART: A Visual Feast.” Food for thought, and for art, and for a good cause...
Read more: Now Hanging | Art for Food Lovers;
"Hospitality is making your guests feel at home, even if you wish they were." ~Author Unknown (

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

Giving the party
Throwing a cocktail party is like speed dating; you spend a little bit of time with a lot of people...
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Holiday notes

~ Bring parsnips, sprouts, carrots, cabbage and Jerusalem artichokes centre stage, so they can take pride of place on our Christmas table...
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~ Long relegated to the Christmas table, Brussels sprouts have a dreadful reputation...
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~ Christmas Dinner Menu: Create Your Own;

~ Hot Holiday Pet Products;
~ Pets: Great books for pet-lovers;

Holiday's at

Healthy corner
~ Make the most of... satsumas;
~ foodlabels 101 - special diets explained;

From the mixer!
~ The L-Word: Eating in;
~ Seasons grrr-eatings!;

Bites - Puff Pastry with Salami and AsparagusImage by ockstyle via Flickr
~ My Mom’s Favorite: Mango Chutney, Prosciutto and Paneer Garlic Naan Pizza;
~ Fire Roasted Pepper and Sausage Chili;
~ Simple = FANTASTIC! Roasted Fish Bruschetta;
~ Luxury Leftovers;
~ Mini Fuji Apple Crostata;

Looking for recipes? Check The Recipes Hunter collection...

Crab Canapes on FoodistaCrab Canapes

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