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Food Porn 101: ~
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Food Photography

"Especially with the rise of rampant, rapid online media, camera flashes are common, if not always welcome, in modern restaurants"

Food photography, an intersection of creativity where the chef compose the dish, and you capture the essence, the perfect shot...
Read more: Food Porn 101: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Food Photography;

"It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop." ~Confucius (

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

Hot spots
~ A restaurant featuring the cuisine of Ischia, (Naples), in Florence. Until the boom of spas and tourism, Ischia was relatively poor, and its cuisine was based on vegetables, seafood, and rabbit on Sunday...
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~ This week 'E8' London's hippest hottest postcode welcomes a very special new resident...
Read more: A Little of What You Fancy;

Food for thought
The cry of plagiarism heard 'round the web world last Thursday - the tale of a writer who found her work repurposed in a magazine without her permission and...
Read more: Cooks Source Magazine Reporter Says Nerd Rage Drove Response;

~ Comfort food-inspired dish that has become a favorite after-hours meal for many of Hong Kong’s top chefs...
Read more: Dish: Lily & Bloom’s Fried Quail;

~ With an expert, chasing a Southeast Asian dish all over New York City...
Read more: Chasing Stingray All Over Town;

Pantry notes
~ Kale and chickpea recipes so good, meat becomes the side dish...
Read more: Kale and Chickpea Recipes for the Carnivore;

~ A certifiable country ham nut back in 2004, visiting Kentucky home to some of the finest country ham producers in the world...
Read more: Country Ham Fantastica: Our Hams’ Place in the World;

Body of Knowledge
Aging gracefully is both an art and a science, the moment when everything changes, crossing the line from young and alluring to middle-aged and invisible...
Read more: The Way Back;

~ Aji amarillo, (yellow chile), is notably hot without searing the senses...
Read more: The Soul of Peruvian Cuisine: A Yellow Pepper;

~ The visitors are enjoying the traditional Polish pastime of mushroom picking and this year more young people seem to have joined...
Read more: Poles head to forests for annual mushroom hunt;

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Healthy corner
~ 15 Shocking Food Industry Secrets;
~ Images of food may make you feel full;
~ Foods to Boost Your Mood;

Bites - St. Valentine's Mini Frittate with Asp...Image by ockstyle via Flickr

~ Diwali recipes;
~ Rosemary roasted rack of lamb with cabernet sauce;
~ Country raised hot water crust game pie;
~ Swiss Chard Tart;
~ This is how you peel a tomato and make a cheesy bacon tomato tart with it;

Venison Pie on FoodistaVenison Pie

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