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It Was Delicious While It Lasted

"It begins with a glistening sphere, wobbling on a spoon, a silver atomizer to spray a gin-and-vermouth mixture, than a 34 courses meal"

Gastronomes have been trekking to the remote Spanish cove where Ferran Adrià has changed culinary history...
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“The reason why the universe is eternal is that it does not live for itself; it gives life to others as it transforms” ~Lao Tzu (

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

Look who is cooking
~ The ever-smiling chef submitted to inspection, declaring fresh rosemary to Newark security the way only a chef could...
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~ The real masterchef: Ferran Adrià is closing El Bulli's doors but has vowed to keep experimenting;
~ The World's Most Influential Chefs;
~ Q&A with Madhur Jaffrey;

Delightful investigation
Spicy food, one of the mysteries is why we like these painful foods in the first place, a fruit that singes the mouth and makes us imbibe vast quantities of water?...

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Travel tips
~ Look for a handwritten menu in the local language and consider splitting entrees...
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~ Britain may be in the vanguard of culinary progress, but when it comes to breeding (or eating) good beef...
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Supper clubs
Chefs are discovering that the best way to build mass appeal is to cook for a select few...
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~ Collective Good Taste;

Turkey time
This is no ordinary turkey preparation. Follow these detailed steps and you will never have a dry, stringy, cardboardy, boring bird again...
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Food for thought
On a clear late October morning, more than 5,000 people milled about the Lingotto exhibition hall in Turin, Italy...
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Food bites
~ Dorie Greenspan a bona fide Francophile, cookbook author in a 30-year love affair with the country's people and its food...
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~ The Best of the Eater Flickr Pool;
~ New Orleans family oyster company devises new business model to stay alive;

Very actual
~ From Farm to Fridge to Garbage Can;
~ Are food carts environmentally superior to restaurants?
~ Giving Recipes Away a Big Subject at IFBC;

Healthy corner
~ Nutrition notes: Good, balanced diet will do in free radicals;

From the mixer
~ Talk of the Town - Social media;
~ The Rise of the Power Vegans;
~ At L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon the wine list is on an iPad;
~ 10 truly awful food words;

Flowers - Edible Flowers at Zuma London (2)Image by ockstyle via Flickr

~ Nigel Slater's classic baked camembert recipe;
~ Whisky and honey baked pears with cinnamon cream recipe;
~ Grilling: Pizza 8 Ways;
~ Grilled Lamb Chops and Asparagus with Balsamic Berry Sauce;
~ Southern Crab Hash;

French Madeleines on FoodistaFrench Madeleines

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