Bun, Baby, Bun : Autumn Harvest and Fast Food

In praise of fast food ~
That's right - fast food

"Strawberries ... in late October? And not just any strawberries - luscious little organic ones. San Francisco's Ferry Plaza farmers market"

Cooking is wonderful, but there's something powerful about standing up in a crowded cityscape and eating something simple and delicious...
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"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." ~Leonardo da Vinci

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

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A stroll in the countryside
The blackthorn bush offers a wonderfully versatile fruit – and now's the time to pick it...
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A genuine new hobby
Preserving is all about saving and putting to good use the best of the season's fruit and vegetables in their prime...
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Food for thought
The war against foodies has begun. Or, more accurately, it has gone public in a major forum. The Oregonian's "Non-Foodies Food Guide"...
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Paleo diet
~ Encourages people to eat as they did in the Stone Age, forsaking processed foods in favor of meats, vegetables and small amounts of fruit...
Read more: Meaty fad diet goes back to Stone Age; suntimes.com

~ For decades men kept their mouths shut about what they ate unless they had a favorite burger haunt or a choice tip for grilling steaks...
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Food on media
Nothing kills a barbecue buzz like invoking the factory farms those ribs came from. But now there is a half-hour TV program that targets an audience hungry to know where their food comes from...
Read more: ‘Nourish’ TV show encourages Americans to ask where their food comes from; grist.org

Hot spots
NYC could stand for Never-Ending Chow: There are an estimated 20,000 restaurants in the five boroughs, and 8 million opinions...
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~ Country Fare: Paso Robles, California; wmagazine.com
~ The Top Ten Food Cities of America; ifood.tv

Photo Booth
His flower series are exquisite, his food pictures eccentric, and his cigarette-butt photos eye-opening...
Read more: Irving Penn: Archaeology; newyorker.com

In season
~ Chef Marco Canora offers a Thanksgiving feast featuring his favorite Italian flavors...
Read more: Menu: Thanksgiving with an Italian accent; lacucinaitalianamagazine.com

~ At the court of the mushroom kings; ft.com

Food and drink notes
~ NeuroGasm | Not Quite Liquid Viagra; urbandaddy.com
~ Going meatless? Get keen on quinoa; suntimes.com
~ New Zoo Review: Cooking Odd Meats; cookingissues.com
~ So a dish walks into a bar ...; boston.com

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Healthy corner
~ Holy Shit, I'm Fat!; details.com
~ How To Have A Healthy Holiday Season: Part 1; self.com

From the mixer
~ Tuesday with Dorie — Dorie Greenspan in conversation; culinate.com
~ Language abuse — Artisan, artisanal, or what?; culinate.com

Meat - Cheese Burger with Mayo, Onion and Toma...Image by ockstyle via Flickr

~ Turkish Feta Parsley Buns (Pogca); honeyandbutter.com
~ Fried Okra; eclecticrecipes.com
~ Orange Veggies and Ginger Soup - Recipe Revisited; foyupdate.blogspot.com
~ Sirloin Steak Stir-Fry; susikochenundbacken.blogspot.com
~ Beef and Guinness Stew; notecook.com

Homemade Hamburger Buns on FoodistaHomemade Hamburger Buns

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MsCFaith on 04:49:00 said...

In the city, I get to eat some foods I haven't tried yet that's why I like eating out. :D

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