Food on TV: Tastemakers & The Rowdy Factor

Ubiquitous Green Vegetable ~
15 Minutes for Chef's Broccoli ~

"Melodrama thrives on "Iron Chef America." But it rarely attaches, in any context, to broccoli."

"Broccoli ice cream. Who could have foreseen this event?" So asked the announcer on this week's episode...
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"The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes." ~Benjamin Disraeli (*)

One of the world's most celebrated chefs, born in Poitiers, France, Chef Robuchon currently oversees restaurants in Paris, London, Tokyo, Macau,...
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Efforts Languish
When you're good, you're good. So how can you be bad when you're really good?...
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Food on TV:
The Rowdy Factor

The platinum-haired, heavily tattooed Food Network star has brought a new element of mass-market culture to American food television...
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Traveling Chefs
Sampling foreign foods is a highlight of many tourist itineraries but a particular group of rich Indians take a different approach to eating overseas...
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Cooking Note
Musician and host Roger Mooking has thrived as much on gastronomic eclecticism as he has on variety in life...
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Ingredients: Odd-N-Non
~ Did you know about the existence of an Annual World Testicles Cooking Championship?...
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~ Venison - The Doors provide my a theme song for one weirdest dining experiences...
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Has molecular cuisine succumbed to the 'terroiristes', with their emphasis on terroir and local ingredients?...

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~ Beekeepers are raising awareness about the benefits of honey with the first Philadelphia Honey Festival...
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~ Peppers, in season now, can vary in size, shape and heat levels...
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Sea - Clams Sautéed [Mediterranean]Image by ockstyle via Flickr

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