Festive Cooking: No-Stress Entertaining Express

Holiday Meals ~
French Jewish Food ~

"For the Jews of France, holiday dishes often hold the flavors of North Africa rather than Eastern Europe."

They are called makroud and together with other holiday recipes, are more likely flavored with harissa, cumin and honey, than horseradish, dill or sugar...
Read more: Rosh Hashana Recipes Routed Through Africa; nytimes.com

"Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured." ~B.K.S. Iyengar (*)QuoteGarden.com

Vegetarian Labor Day
If your Labor Day plans include a picnic or barbecue, check this flavorful options for vegetarian eaters...
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Festive Menu
Celebrate the Jewish New Year with these twists on tradition that shall makes a fabulous meal to serve at any dinner party...
Read more: A honey of a High Holiday menu; theglobeandmail.com

Food for Thought
After losing his lower jaw to cancer, the film critic, who can’t eat, has written a cookbook that is an ode to the rice cooker...
Read more: Roger Ebert on Food - Still Cooking; nytimes.com

No-Stress Entertaining Express
Relax at your own backyard party? When you're wearing chef, host, and designer hats? It's easy,...
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Family Table
A time to reflect, enjoy what you have, and sit around a table with family, eating delicious home cooking...
Read more: Bonnie Stern: The best way to begin 5771; nationalpost.com

Punica Granatum
Sweet and tangy, they are undoubtedly the 'un-convenience' fruit...
Read more: Pomegranates for fall; chicagotribune.com

Hot Chillies
Some people will always like it hot. When do you like to turn up the heat, and how do you chill chilli if it's all too much?...
Read more: Consider the chilli; guardian.co.uk

Making Love In The Kitchen
A Toronto-based nutritionist, director of The Love In The Kitchen Academy Cooking School, bring us tips on how to prepare healthful, nutritious goodness from whole foods...
Read more: Keep Your Apples Local and Your Honey Raw: Rosh Hashana Recipes; nationalpost.com

A Taste of History
Growing up we had plenty of cookbooks in the house...
Read more: Nine Cookbooks That Changed Everything; divinecaroline.com

The Healthy Corner
For those keeping summer fit via leafy greens, be warned: From Applebee's pecan chicken salad (1,340 calories) to a Jason's Deli monster (2,000 calories),...
Read more: 40 Most Unhealthy Salads; thedailybeast.com

Techniques and Tips
Teach your backyard grill a new trick: Instead of wood, use tea leaves and spices...
Read more: Tea-Smoking; finecooking.com

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