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The biodynamic movement, advocating food that is grown and harvested in accordance with lunar cycles, is taking off.

Organic food has had a terrible recession. Before the crunch, the organic sector had been growing steadily year on year – but sales came to a crashing halt when cost-conscious customers began to look for cheaper alternatives.
Last week, sales of organic vegetables were revealed to be down by a fifth, while demand for organic wine and ...
Full Story: ...
... Is biodynamic the new organic?; by Jessica Fellowes

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Cod, Zero Spending

As each day reduces our stock faster than we had planned, our cupboards do not runneth over. We did not go out and buy enough of what we consider to be essentials to carry us through the entire four weeks; that wasn’t the point. But I must admit, since each day seems to require more and more ingenuity to craft a tasty meal and provide the kids with what they need, ...
Full Story: Extreme Frugality: In Cod We Trust; by W. Hodding Carter

Stinging nettles reward foragers - The edible wild plant called stinging nettles will, in fact, sting a careless forager. But the greens are bright and peppery, and can be used in dishes ranging from lasagna to pesto to soup.
Like warning labels, plant names are succinct in their declarations. Death cap mushrooms? Not a good idea to add to a pizza. Poison Ivy? Leaves of three, let them be goes the old rhyme. And ...
Full Story: Mini Specialist|Found Food: Stinging Nettles; By: William R. Snyder

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No-Cook Dishes - No energy. Great taste.
Arugula, Frisee, and Red-Leaf Salad with Strawberries

Create your own salad mix with a combination of three leafy-green varieties, each with its own unique color, texture, and flavor.
Full List: Delicious and Easy No-Cook Recipes

More Interesting List!
~ Diet and healthy cooking - Fresh recipe ideas for vegetarians.

~ Forks in the Road - Two small villages in the Italian Dolomites are the unlikely center of a Michelin-starred gastronomic excellence.

~ Restaurant News - Whataburger Offers Wings Alternative for Football Fans.

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Culinary Travel ...

Europe on
The last 10 years have seen huge changes for Amsterdam dining, with fusion cuisine, molecular gastronomy and the organic movement finding their time and place.
Though it enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, Amsterdam is not usually considered a gourmet paradise. But the last ten years have seen huge changes in the Dutch capital. Fusion cuisine, molecular gastronomy and, ...
Full Story: ...
... Amsterdam as Foodie Heaven?; by VICKY HAMPTON

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Beets have interesting roots - Beets, known as beetroots everywhere but in the U.S., probably originated in Italy in prehistoric times. The chard or Swiss chard variety is grown for its edible leaves, while the root of the table beet is used in dishes such as borscht.
Russia's most popular soup taps root vegetable.
If you say that you like beets, you were likely raised in the United States.
This is not because beets are exceptionally popular in the United States, ...
Full Story: It's time to go bowling for beets; BY CYNTHIA CLAMPITT
Photo from Wikipedia

The Dish on
Tokyo's fried pork cutlet melts in your mouth.

A skillfully prepared tonkatsu, the deep-fried pork cutlet, can soar to the melt-in-your-mouth heights of haute cuisine. Yet it's just as often served and enjoyed as countertop grub at a greasy Japanese diner.
Made by dredging a thick cut of pork in successive bowls of flour, beaten egg and ...
Full Story: Tonkatsu; By MARK ROBINSON

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At a Party, Adding Zip to Small Bites

"Indian" does not leap to the top of people's lists when they think of cocktail party themes. Though Indian cuisine is known to be delicious, one generally thinks of it in terms of curries and "stewy" dishes, time-consuming to prepare and unsuited to the toothpick. ...
Full Story: Masala, Where You'd Least Expect It; by Monica Bhide

The Dish on
Cao lau noodles "a gift to the mouth" in Vietnam - Cao lau, a noodle dish popular in Vietnam, is usually sold by street vendors specializing in one or two dishes. Good versions include basil, mint and lettuce leaves, crisp-tender bean sprouts, and firm yet soft noodles that have been slightly caramelized.
The Secret Behind This Bowl of Rice Noodles.
The ancient central Vietnam trading port of Hoi An has much to offer the traveler, including a well-preserved historical center (a Unesco World Heritage site) and ...
Full Story: Cao Lau

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Food Labelling and Shopping Tips

Nutrition on
Processed-foods giants spent more than $1 million to create nutritional guidelines for a labeling system that favors their own products.
Most people don't consider chocolate popsicles, sugary cereal and bagels filled with cream cheese as healthy foods. But it's no surprise that a new labeling program underwritten by 14 major food companies--including Kellogg, Kraft and Unilever--says otherwise.
Between 2008 and 2009, the 14 corporations paid a combined $1.47 million to fund the development of Smart Choices, ...
Full Story: ...
... Smart Choices Foods: Dumb As They Look?; by Rebecca Ruiz

Shopping Tips on
A little bit of mustard, mayo, steak sauce or relish can really boost a dish. Just choose — and use — the toppers wisely.

Most condiment aisles are jam-packed with all kinds of sauces, mustards, mayos and combinations of the three, and finding healthy options can be tricky. You don’t have avoid condiments altogether. It’s all about using them wisely. ...
Full Story: Aisle by Aisle: Smart Picks For Condiments; by Dana Angelo White

Food Sustainability on The Seattle Times
Do you know your food miles? - It's the question on the lips of eco-conscious eaters: "How many food miles did the ingredients travel?" The goal is to reduce energy use and eat healthier by reducing the distance that food travels.

Your green car may get 40 miles per gallon, but how many miles per bite was your lunch?
"Food miles" — how far food travels from the producer to your home ...
Full Story: Eating local means figuring out your "food miles"; By Tom Watson

Food on
An op-ed piece written by Steve Brooks, the acting head of Oxfam Cymru, for the Western Mail, a Welsh paper, raises an interesting question: should we avoid fair trade goods from the developing world to help cut down on food miles? ...
Full Story: Fair trade vs. Food miles: One Welshman's View; by Eliza Barclay

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~ Home-Made Fast Food - A mother set out to see whether she could replicate her teen's favorite fast foods at home. Dude, It Adds Up;

~ Tim Zagat: If anything, we're too positive - In an interview, Tim Zagat, founder of the Zagat dining guides, said the reviews he publishes tend to be more positive than critic reviews because they come from customers.

~ Tweeted recipes are boiled-down treats - Maureen Evans, a 27-year-old home cook, tweets recipes from Northern Ireland, where she lives.

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Fish and Latest on Sustainability

Travel on the
Tokyo's Fish Market Has a Certain Lure.
At 5 a.m., about 40 tourists were already ahead of us, squeezed into a roped-off aisle and surrounded by more than a hundred frozen tuna. The fish were laid out in neat rows on the floor of the chilly warehouse, giving off a faint frozen mist under the fluorescent lighting. We jostled for position and milled about excitedly, waiting for Tokyo's famous tuna auction to begin.
Men in work shirts and ...
Full Story: ...
... A Seafood Drama, From Start to Fin; By Kathryn Tolbert

Sustainability on the
Restaurant owner Kylie Kwong salutes sustainability - Kylie Kwong, owner of Chinese restaurant Billy Kwong in Australia, has been a pioneer of restaurant sustainability long before it became a trend. Her efforts have been recognized with the Good Food Guide's Sustainability Award, and her passion for promoting a healthy environment is evident in all areas of her business. "Every time I think of a new provedore or using an ingredient, I ask whether it's sustainable," Kwong says.
IN OUR post-credit crunch society, green is good. Ever in step with the times, this year's SMH Good Food Guide's Ten of the Best includes a list of green eateries in Sydney and across NSW.
We know the buzzwords: ethical, sustainable, low environmental footprint, carbon neutral. ...
Full Story: Sustainability is Kylie's passion; by Joanna Savill

Food & Health on Planet Green
Avoid this seafood at all costs and make a huge difference in our oceans.

More and more people are getting out their handy pocket sustainable seafood guides and that's a great thing. But there are some fish that for the most part should never be eaten no matter where you are. For one reason or another these guys have been hit hard with overfishing or the methods in which they are fished have dire consequences for the planet. So if you see these fish on a menu skip them and if you see them at the fish market pass them by. Of course this list is subject to change over time, ...
Full Story: The Least Sustainable Seafood in the World And Why You Should Avoid It; By Sara Novak

Business & Politics (news) on
News filtering out of Australia indicates a massive geoengineering of the Southern Oceans, done without the necessary government approvals, and with no regard whatsoever to potentially adverse 'ecosystem impacts.' Iron oxide laden dust, originating from the Lake Eyre Basin area of central Australia, reportedly has blanketed the ocean surface from the Australian coast to New Zealand. The iron-fertilizer-in-the-ocean "dump" came on so suddenly, ...
Full Story: Thousands Of Tons Of Potentially Toxic Iron Dust Dumped In Ocean Without Permit; by John Laumer

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~ EU - Nutrition Labelling; Seriosamente Parlando

~ How To Beat The Winter Blues; Reports & Notes

~ Gift Products That Claim to Boost Health and Well-Being; Pink & Pistachio

~ Exotic Animals of the World that You Can Ride; Mishka Bites!

~ Top 10 Tips for Packing Light; OCK STYLE

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Eating Habits, Health, Politics and Chocolate!

According to a behavioral food expert, we aren't just what we eat—we're how we eat, too.

When it comes to eating habits, I’m definitely my father’s daughter. He taught me that mixing food together creates a sloppy mess that looks unappetizing, but tantalizes the taste buds in a thousand different ways. My mom, on the other hand, enjoys each side dish separately. She can’t fathom my love for mingling flavors any more than I understand her stringent “one flavor at a time” policy. ...
Full Story: ...
... Eating Habits and Personality: A Surprising Connection; by Vicky Santillano

Health on the
Study links chocolate consumption, heart attack survival - Swedish researchers have found evidence that people who consume chocolate are more likely to survive after a heart attack, and increased consumption might result in greater protection. Chocolate contains flavonoid antioxidants, which are believed to have cardiovascular benefits, but the study is observational and doesn't prove cause and effect.
In a study that will provide comfort to chocoholics everywhere, researchers in Sweden have found evidence that people who eat chocolate have increased survival rates after a heart attack — and ...
Full Story: In One Study, a Heart Benefit for Chocolate; By NICHOLAS BAKALAR

Food Politics on
After 10 years of promises, protocols, and initiatives, the children of West Africa remain at the mercy of the cocoa industry.

As the rescue of 54 child slaves from cocoa (and palm) plantations in the Ivory Coast earlier this summer made clear—and as a report issued last Thursday by the Department of Labor confirms—the world’s chocolate industry continues to harbor an astonishingly dirty secret. This despite what was meant to be a decade of meaningful change.
In 2001, after reports began to emerge about the grueling conditions in which hundreds of thousands of minors were working on the plantations in West Africa, ....
Full Story: Blood and Chocolate; by Jocelyn C. Zuckerman
Photo: Cocoa Beans;

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~ Life and Style - We all know that if something looks too good to be true it probably isn't, and the mouth-watering imagery used to sell food never is. Advertising vs Reality;

~ Tips for creating an eco-friendly kitchen - To boost the eco-friendliness of your kitchen, consider buying locally grown ingredients and cutting back on processed foods. Your climate-friendly kitchen;

~ Well - Many patients with asthma know that their illness can vary with the seasons. Asthma Attacks Linked With Weather;

~ Environment - Even "low-carbon" corn ethanol has a far higher carbon footprint than fuel made from landfill waste, trees, switch-grass or sugar cane. Screw Corn Ethanol! California to Fuel Future with Garbage; Seriosamente Parlando

~ Food & Drink - Perhaps a down economy is driving frequent restaurant-goers and takeout mavens into the kitchen. Traffic is Cooking at; Reports & Notes

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To Cook or Not To Cook? That's a Real Good Question

How American cooking, and not-only American, became a spectator sport, and what we lost and still loosing along the way.
I was only 8 when “The French Chef” first appeared on American television in 1963, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that this Julia Child had improved the quality of life around our house. My mother began cooking dishes she’d watched Julia cook on TV: boeuf bourguignon (the subject of the show’s first episode), French onion soup gratinée, duck à l’orange, coq au vin, mousse au chocolat. Some of the more ambitious dishes, like the duck or the mousse, were pointed toward weekend company, but my mother would usually test these out on me and my sisters earlier in the week, and a few of the others ...
Full Story: ...
... Out of the Kitchen, Onto the Couch; By MICHAEL POLLAN

Food writing on
I had the good fortune last week to spend the afternoon making gefilte fish with my former employer, the doyenne of Jewish food writing and an all-around great person, Joan Nathan. As the kitchen bustled with activity—the sputter of browning brisket and onions, the steady grinding of haddock, and the simmering of fish carcasses—I found myself thinking of the derided rise of cooking as spectator sport and the decline of home cooking. Nowhere is this trend more apparent than in food writing. ...
Full Story: The Cookbook Writer as Food Anthropologist; By Michael Lukas

Recipes on
Recipes worth preserving - Preserved lemons are tart, intense and can be eaten whole. Several recipes showcasing them are provided, including one for a taginelike chicken dish, and another for semifreddo with basil syrup.

My grandmother was born in Casablanca, Morocco, just in time for the era of Rick’s Café Americain. I think glamor must have been one of the components of Casablanca's municipal water in the 1940s, ...
Full Story: The Secret Ingredient: Preserved Lemons; by Kerry Saretsky

Science & Nutrition on the
A new review from France has concluded that there are nutritional benefits to organic produce, on the basis of data compiled for the French food agency AFSSA. The conclusion opposes that of a UK study published last month. ...
Full STory: French study says organic food is healthier; By Jess Halliday

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~ A Good Appetite - Stuffed artichokes are full of memories. A Lasting Fondness for Artichokes;

~ Uncorking new wine opportunities - A survey of the wine industry finds a marked slowdown in business, but the recession also is creating new opportunities. Finding Opportunity in Troubled Times;

~ The science behind that chocolate-cake recipe- "BakeWise," a new cookbook by former research biochemist Shirley Corriher, explains the science behind the baking process. A Scientific Approach to Dessert;

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Chef or No Chef? Industry News

Advertising on the
Michelin introduces itself to New York - As Michelin prepares to release its fifth New York edition, it is running an ad campaign touting the famous anonymity of its professional reviewers. Meanwhile, it is peeling back the curtain a bit, allowing the reviewers to post items on Twitter, including tidbits about where they are dining and complaints about service.

HERE’S a piece of advance information from the Michelin guide for New York City 2010: 18 new stars will be awarded to restaurants. Michelin is rigorously tight-lipped about the information in its guides until they arrive in stores, ...
Full Story: ...
... Michelin Builds a Campaign Around Its Secret Reviewers; By STEPHANIE CLIFFORD

Food & Dining on the
Alice Waters recognized by French Legion of Honor - Chez Panisse chef-restaurateur Alice Waters will be awarded by the French Legion of Honor, the first celebrity chef to do so since Julia Child was honored in 1991. The honor is just the latest for Waters.

She's won a James Beard Award and a Bon Appetit lifetime achievement award and has been inducted into the California Hall of Fame. But for Alice Waters, ...
Full Story: Alice Waters Awarded French Legion of Honor; by Jane Black

Dining & Wine on the
WHEN three children under age 10 leave their milkshakes almost untouched, you know there’s trouble. They weren’t tempted by anything else on the table, either: barbecued pork, mashed potatoes and other dishes that would be gone in five minutes in any other restaurant.
Gus & Gabriel Gastropub isn’t any other restaurant. It is the latest project from Michael Psilakis, a prodigiously gifted and largely self-taught chef, [In just two years, Michael Psilakis, a chef and an owner of Anthos and Kefi restaurants in Manhattan, has redrawn New York City’s map of Greek cuisine, breaching the wall of tradition in several places.]
Full Story: Tossing His Toque Into a Pub; By PETE WELLS

Business on the
It is the grandest hotel in France, with suites costing up to €8,220 (£7,150) a night and a register signed by the likes of King George V, Sir Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin.
But Hôtel de Crillon in Paris is in limbo — lacking a chef for its Michelin-starred restaurant and awaiting a renovation — amid a legal wrangle over its sale by its US owner Starwood Capital, the investment firm. ...
Full Story: No buyer, no chef and a €50 million legal wrangle for Hôtel de Crillon in Paris; by Adam Sage

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~ Food and Drink - Unrefined brown sugar is a mood as much as a flavor, and it can taste of caramel, tobacco or dried fruits. Cooking with brown sugar;

~ Fried chicken is up next for haute treatment - New York City restaurants are turning their attention to humble fried chicken, using unusual ingredients and techniques to create new versions. Think outside the bucket: Fried chicken gets an NYC makeover;

~ Substitute plums for tomatoes in classic summer sandwich - A bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich is a rare treat this year because of the blight that has decimated much of the tomato crop in the Northeast. Plums Rescue a Seasonal Favorite;

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Nutrition, Food Allergy and Food Intolerance

Health on
10 food stories that have shaped our nutritional habits - Great strides in disseminating information about food nutrition have been made in the last two decades. Here's a look at the most influential stories that informed the public's eating habits, including the debut of the food pyramid and the explosion of whole-grain foods.
America's relationship to food and health has certainly changed in the 20 years since Cooking Light debuted. Some of those changes may seem discouraging: Rates of obesity and diabetes have risen, food-borne illnesses frequently make headlines, and more people eat meals -- often fast food ...
... The 10 most important nutrition stories of the last two decades; By Sally Squires

Restaurant News on
The differences between food intolerance, food allergy - Food intolerance is a delayed, negative reaction to a food, beverage or food additive, and unlike food allergies, intolerances get worse "as you consume more and more of the offending food" and appear a half-hour or more after the food is eaten, one expert explains. The four main types of known food intolerance are in response to histamine, fructose, lactose and gluten. ...
Full Story: Food Allergy or Intolerance? What's the Difference?

Healthy Living on the
Gluten-free becoming part of mainstream food choices - It's not easy to stick to a gluten-free diet but even some people who don't have celiac disease say they feel better if they do. Gluten-free eating has become so mainstream and popular that more than 1,000 new foods and beverages were introduced last year, and total sales of gluten-free products have grown by an average of 28% over the past five years.
The gluten-free diet is no picnic. So when Julie Pech put her 12-year-old son on the wheat-free eating plan, she also stopped eating the ubiquitous grain to help him make the transition. ...
Full Story: Going gluten-free; by Julie Deardorff

Food Trends on
Recession causes consumers to order less healthy meals at restaurants - Tough economic times are forcing consumers to choose less healthy menu items when dining out, as healthy food tends to be more expensive. A poll of about 1,200 people found that 53% of respondents order less healthful food in restaurants in order to save money, and 44% said budget restraints stopped them from eating healthfully.
CHICAGO (Sept. 9, 2009) A recent study shows that consumers are ordering less healthful meals at restaurants because they cost less, ...
Full Story: Recession takes bite out of healthful eating; By Elissa Elan

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Seafood ~ Sustainable and International Cuisines

Science ~
From Deep Pacific, Ugly and Tasty, With a Catch
"Hoki is losing status as sustainable seafood, its fishery in New Zealand was thought to be a sustainable source of sweet, moist fish that is used in sushi, fish sticks, etc. However, New Zealand is cutting the allowable catch, and the hoki is losing its status as an icon of sustainability.

The answer to the eternal mystery of what makes up a Filet-O-Fish sandwich turns out to involve an ugly creature from the sunless depths of the Pacific, ...
Read more: From Deep Pacific, Ugly and Tasty, With a Catch;

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." ~Benjamin Franklin (*)

Travel & Leisure
"An acquired taste - Even the most adventurous explorers may draw the line at trying certain foods. From grasshoppers to grubs, a guide to 10 of the world's most unusual foods. ... "
Read more: Travel Picks: 10 of world's most unusual foods;

Filmmaker Pete Chatmon helps companies tell their stories. He discusses his approach to marketing, the cost of creating a "biocast" and ...
Read more: A Cinematic Approach to New Media Marketing;

Food and Drink
"A nutritious alternative to white sushi. Black rice, originally from China, is the new brown rice for sushi. Like purple and red fruits, black rice has a lot of anthocyanins, thought to be very nutritious. And this sushi chef uses only rice wine and rice vinegar for the sugar element. ..."
Read more: The virtues of black rice;

More Interesting Links!

From newsroom to restaurant kitchen - Newspaper reporter underwent trial by fire as an apprentice chef in a professional kitchen to found the work to be less glamorous and ...
Read more: Out of the office, into the frying pan;

Innovation, ingredients make Tokyo No. 1 - Food & Wine Magazine says Tokyo is the premier destination for cuisine, with great food offered at all price points. ...
Read more: Tokyo tops for food lovers;

Britain's 10 best foods - A search for the 10 most British of British foods has yielded a list that includes cheddar cheese, Cornish pasty and treacle sponge pudding. ...
Read more: Top 10 quintessential English foods;

Hoki Cajun Fish Cake on FoodistaHoki Cajun Fish Cake


Mediterranean Clams SautedImage by ockstyle via Flickr

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Environment and Food Waste

Environment> Food on

Excessive consumption in rich countries 'takes food out of mouths of poor' by inflating food prices on global market.
Eliminating the millions of tonnes of food thrown away annually in the US and UK could lift more than a billion people out of hunger worldwide, experts claim.
Government officials, food experts and representatives of the retail trade brought together by the Food Ethics Council argue that excessive consumption of food in rich countries inflates food prices in the developing world. Buying food, which is then often wasted, reduces overall supply and ...
Full Story: ...
... Elimination of food waste could lift 1bn out of hunger, say campaigners; by Adam Vaughan

Environment on

More and more fish are being raised on farms before they end up on dinner plates around the world. Aquaculture, or the culturing of fish in a controlled environment, now accounts for 50 percent of the fish consumed globally, a fact that's putting tremendous strain on wild fish.
The big downside to fish farming: It requires large amounts of feed made from wild fish harvested from the sea.
"It can take up to five pounds of wild fish to produce one pound of salmon, ...
Full Story: Milestone: 50 Percent of Fish Are Now Farmed; By LiveScience Staff

News> Europe on the

Compromise deal with opponents of fishing ban welcomed.
Europe is to throw its weight behind a campaign to save the bluefin tuna from decades of over-fishing after a breakthrough in talks in Brussels.
The European Commission announced a compromise deal backing an attempt to list the Mediterranean fish as an endangered species while waiting for further scientific evidence on the latest population numbers after the EU Fisheries Commissioner Joe Borg backed down.
Europe is now expected to vote as a bloc of 27 nations in favour of a proposal to protect bluefin tuna ...
Full Story: Europe unites in attempt to protect bluefin tuna; By Martin Hickman

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~ Chefs at 'curry summit' call for national college dedicated to Indian cookery; Ministers in talks with chefs over how to save thousands of curry houses from closing because of a shortage of UK cooks trained to make Indian dishes -
~ Seafood, Easy and Guilt-Free; The list of “best choices” (environmentally sustainable fish) compiled by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch. -
~ People Will Make Healthier Choices If Restaurants Provide Nutritional Data, Study Finds; Study: People eat better with food data on the menu -
~ Farmers urged to help skylarks; Farmers are being urged to help dwindling populations of skylarks as they prepare to sow their overwinter crops. -

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