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Michelin introduces itself to New York - As Michelin prepares to release its fifth New York edition, it is running an ad campaign touting the famous anonymity of its professional reviewers. Meanwhile, it is peeling back the curtain a bit, allowing the reviewers to post items on Twitter, including tidbits about where they are dining and complaints about service.

HERE’S a piece of advance information from the Michelin guide for New York City 2010: 18 new stars will be awarded to restaurants. Michelin is rigorously tight-lipped about the information in its guides until they arrive in stores, ...
Full Story: ...
... Michelin Builds a Campaign Around Its Secret Reviewers; By STEPHANIE CLIFFORD

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Alice Waters recognized by French Legion of Honor - Chez Panisse chef-restaurateur Alice Waters will be awarded by the French Legion of Honor, the first celebrity chef to do so since Julia Child was honored in 1991. The honor is just the latest for Waters.

She's won a James Beard Award and a Bon Appetit lifetime achievement award and has been inducted into the California Hall of Fame. But for Alice Waters, ...
Full Story: Alice Waters Awarded French Legion of Honor; by Jane Black

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WHEN three children under age 10 leave their milkshakes almost untouched, you know there’s trouble. They weren’t tempted by anything else on the table, either: barbecued pork, mashed potatoes and other dishes that would be gone in five minutes in any other restaurant.
Gus & Gabriel Gastropub isn’t any other restaurant. It is the latest project from Michael Psilakis, a prodigiously gifted and largely self-taught chef, [In just two years, Michael Psilakis, a chef and an owner of Anthos and Kefi restaurants in Manhattan, has redrawn New York City’s map of Greek cuisine, breaching the wall of tradition in several places.]
Full Story: Tossing His Toque Into a Pub; By PETE WELLS

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It is the grandest hotel in France, with suites costing up to €8,220 (£7,150) a night and a register signed by the likes of King George V, Sir Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin.
But Hôtel de Crillon in Paris is in limbo — lacking a chef for its Michelin-starred restaurant and awaiting a renovation — amid a legal wrangle over its sale by its US owner Starwood Capital, the investment firm. ...
Full Story: No buyer, no chef and a €50 million legal wrangle for Hôtel de Crillon in Paris; by Adam Sage

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~ Food and Drink - Unrefined brown sugar is a mood as much as a flavor, and it can taste of caramel, tobacco or dried fruits. Cooking with brown sugar;

~ Fried chicken is up next for haute treatment - New York City restaurants are turning their attention to humble fried chicken, using unusual ingredients and techniques to create new versions. Think outside the bucket: Fried chicken gets an NYC makeover;

~ Substitute plums for tomatoes in classic summer sandwich - A bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich is a rare treat this year because of the blight that has decimated much of the tomato crop in the Northeast. Plums Rescue a Seasonal Favorite;

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