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The last 10 years have seen huge changes for Amsterdam dining, with fusion cuisine, molecular gastronomy and the organic movement finding their time and place.
Though it enjoys a well-deserved reputation as a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, Amsterdam is not usually considered a gourmet paradise. But the last ten years have seen huge changes in the Dutch capital. Fusion cuisine, molecular gastronomy and, ...
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... Amsterdam as Foodie Heaven?; by VICKY HAMPTON

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Beets have interesting roots - Beets, known as beetroots everywhere but in the U.S., probably originated in Italy in prehistoric times. The chard or Swiss chard variety is grown for its edible leaves, while the root of the table beet is used in dishes such as borscht.
Russia's most popular soup taps root vegetable.
If you say that you like beets, you were likely raised in the United States.
This is not because beets are exceptionally popular in the United States, ...
Full Story: It's time to go bowling for beets; BY CYNTHIA CLAMPITT
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Tokyo's fried pork cutlet melts in your mouth.

A skillfully prepared tonkatsu, the deep-fried pork cutlet, can soar to the melt-in-your-mouth heights of haute cuisine. Yet it's just as often served and enjoyed as countertop grub at a greasy Japanese diner.
Made by dredging a thick cut of pork in successive bowls of flour, beaten egg and ...
Full Story: Tonkatsu; By MARK ROBINSON

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At a Party, Adding Zip to Small Bites

"Indian" does not leap to the top of people's lists when they think of cocktail party themes. Though Indian cuisine is known to be delicious, one generally thinks of it in terms of curries and "stewy" dishes, time-consuming to prepare and unsuited to the toothpick. ...
Full Story: Masala, Where You'd Least Expect It; by Monica Bhide

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Cao lau noodles "a gift to the mouth" in Vietnam - Cao lau, a noodle dish popular in Vietnam, is usually sold by street vendors specializing in one or two dishes. Good versions include basil, mint and lettuce leaves, crisp-tender bean sprouts, and firm yet soft noodles that have been slightly caramelized.
The Secret Behind This Bowl of Rice Noodles.
The ancient central Vietnam trading port of Hoi An has much to offer the traveler, including a well-preserved historical center (a Unesco World Heritage site) and ...
Full Story: Cao Lau

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