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Nutrition on
Processed-foods giants spent more than $1 million to create nutritional guidelines for a labeling system that favors their own products.
Most people don't consider chocolate popsicles, sugary cereal and bagels filled with cream cheese as healthy foods. But it's no surprise that a new labeling program underwritten by 14 major food companies--including Kellogg, Kraft and Unilever--says otherwise.
Between 2008 and 2009, the 14 corporations paid a combined $1.47 million to fund the development of Smart Choices, ...
Full Story: ...
... Smart Choices Foods: Dumb As They Look?; by Rebecca Ruiz

Shopping Tips on
A little bit of mustard, mayo, steak sauce or relish can really boost a dish. Just choose — and use — the toppers wisely.

Most condiment aisles are jam-packed with all kinds of sauces, mustards, mayos and combinations of the three, and finding healthy options can be tricky. You don’t have avoid condiments altogether. It’s all about using them wisely. ...
Full Story: Aisle by Aisle: Smart Picks For Condiments; by Dana Angelo White

Food Sustainability on The Seattle Times
Do you know your food miles? - It's the question on the lips of eco-conscious eaters: "How many food miles did the ingredients travel?" The goal is to reduce energy use and eat healthier by reducing the distance that food travels.

Your green car may get 40 miles per gallon, but how many miles per bite was your lunch?
"Food miles" — how far food travels from the producer to your home ...
Full Story: Eating local means figuring out your "food miles"; By Tom Watson

Food on
An op-ed piece written by Steve Brooks, the acting head of Oxfam Cymru, for the Western Mail, a Welsh paper, raises an interesting question: should we avoid fair trade goods from the developing world to help cut down on food miles? ...
Full Story: Fair trade vs. Food miles: One Welshman's View; by Eliza Barclay

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