Environment and Food Waste

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Excessive consumption in rich countries 'takes food out of mouths of poor' by inflating food prices on global market.
Eliminating the millions of tonnes of food thrown away annually in the US and UK could lift more than a billion people out of hunger worldwide, experts claim.
Government officials, food experts and representatives of the retail trade brought together by the Food Ethics Council argue that excessive consumption of food in rich countries inflates food prices in the developing world. Buying food, which is then often wasted, reduces overall supply and ...
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... Elimination of food waste could lift 1bn out of hunger, say campaigners; by Adam Vaughan

Environment on LiveScience.com

More and more fish are being raised on farms before they end up on dinner plates around the world. Aquaculture, or the culturing of fish in a controlled environment, now accounts for 50 percent of the fish consumed globally, a fact that's putting tremendous strain on wild fish.
The big downside to fish farming: It requires large amounts of feed made from wild fish harvested from the sea.
"It can take up to five pounds of wild fish to produce one pound of salmon, ...
Full Story: Milestone: 50 Percent of Fish Are Now Farmed; By LiveScience Staff

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Compromise deal with opponents of fishing ban welcomed.
Europe is to throw its weight behind a campaign to save the bluefin tuna from decades of over-fishing after a breakthrough in talks in Brussels.
The European Commission announced a compromise deal backing an attempt to list the Mediterranean fish as an endangered species while waiting for further scientific evidence on the latest population numbers after the EU Fisheries Commissioner Joe Borg backed down.
Europe is now expected to vote as a bloc of 27 nations in favour of a proposal to protect bluefin tuna ...
Full Story: Europe unites in attempt to protect bluefin tuna; By Martin Hickman

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