Lets Flavors Bloom with Artisanal Foods. [What's a Food-Trend Anyway]

The Water Myth ~
Debunking the dilution solution

"Drinking a glass of water every now and then is rather different from having to drink two litres a day, which is what we should all be drinking, if you believe them"

How did we become convinced that we need to drink litres and litres of the stuff, preferably bottled, every single day?...
Read more: The Water Myth: Debunking the dilution solution; independent.co.uk

"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated." ~Confucius (quotegarden.com)

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Artisans root
Samples of chocolate candies with a fine coverture and a pillowy white center. But it wasn't nougat, it was tofu...
Read more: Artisans helping tofu break the barrier; sfgate.com

~ An artisanal plea from a fed-up foodie; grist.org

Slice of heaven
The perfect fix on a cold winter's morning...
Read more: Mark Hix's tempting breakfast sandwiches; independent.co.uk

Food for thought
In the vegetarian-meat-eater wars, a champion of Meatless Monday focuses on the doable -- and maybe detente...

Read more: The Year in Sanity: Sid Lerner; salon.com

Food trends (?)
~ Spoiler alert: The restaurant and food trend reports for 2011 are out...
Read more: 2011: Food Trends Predictions Rolling In Already; 7x7.com

~ Pies, both sweet and savory, mini plates, fried vegetables among other trends...
Read more: Pies top 2011 restaurant trend list; nrn.com


Pantry notes
~ A man does an extreme diet to prove the nutritional value of spuds. But he's losing his mind...
Read more: This is what it's like to eat only potatoes for 60 days; salon.com

~ Thanksgiving Potatoes Slideshow: bonappetit.com
~ Salt goes gourmet; mercurynews.com

Power ingredients
Indigenous to southeast China, loquats were used in Chinese medicine, with an equally welcome addition in the modern kitchen...

Read more: The forgotten fruit: Loquat; mindfood.com

~ The first recorded mention of ice cream anywhere in the world was in England, on the menu of a lavish ceremonial feast given by King Charles II in 1671...
Read more: In the lick of it: How ice cream became the dish we know and love; independent.co.uk

~ Ice Cream vs. Gelato: The Differences of Frozen Desserts; divinecaroline.com
~ Egg-Free Ice Cream Lets Flavors Bloom; nytimes.com
~ How Much for Artisanal Ice Cream?; nytimes.com
~ The Food Lab: Real Ice Cream Without an Ice Cream Machine; seriouseats.com

Meetic Italy

Chef tips...
~ Quality in Quantity: Management Tips for High Volume Restaurants; starchefs.com

Healthy corner
~ It pays to supplement lifestyles; nzherald.co.nz

From the mixer
~ The Architecture of Food; gourmet.com

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