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The Key to Luscious Home-Cured Olives: Drain Cleaner

"A good lye-cured olive, is smooth and luscious in a way that brine or water-cured olives can never be. When done right, of course"

Lye. Isn't that the stuff the Mafia uses to dissolve the bodies of those who make an unfortunate choice...
Read more: The Key to Luscious Home-Cured Olives: Drain Cleaner; theatlantic.com

"A seed hidden in the heart of an apple is an orchard invisible." ~Welsh Proverb (quotegarden.com)

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Comfort chic
~ Why should the kids have all the fun on Halloween? A sophisticated menu salutes the adults with a savoury duck breast wedged between two ghostly white dishes to set the scene...
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~ Oven-frying is for those of us who tend to make peace with our cravings by surrendering to them...
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Food and Art
Georgia O'Keeffe - We know her for her magnified close-ups of flowers, the abstract skull in the desert, the expansive paintings of sky just above fluffy white clouds...

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Sandwich time
~ Dean Koontz: Lunch Lessons; saveur.com
~ Montreal smoked meat gives New York pastrami run for its money; nationalpost.com
~ Give Me a Sandwich, and Hold the Sodium; slashfood.com
~ The Soup And Sandwich Tray Helps You Keep Balanced; inventorspot.com


Culinary journey
~ Walking into one of Hong Kong’s private kitchens, small speakeasy restaurants located in commercial or residential buildings all over the island...
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~ Figuring out how to cook better Italian food is not what Jessica Aves expected to learn in rural Japan...
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Quick Bites
Outrageously good looking grilled cheese with caramelised onions and thyme on whole grain...

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Styling food
In food photography, there is a knack to keeping food true to the recipes you are working with while keeping an eye toward how it looks on the plate...
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Learning experience
Chef Sara Moulton, author of the book "Sara Moulton's Everyday Family Dinners," speaks at the 2010 Kohler Food & Wine Experience...
Read more: Lovers of wine, beer, spirits and food experience expert advice; jsonline.com

Meetic Italy

Pantry notes
~ Apple With a Pedigree: Heirloom Varieties Are Turning Up on Mainstream Grocery Shelves: the Newtown Pippin, the Yellow Bellflower; wsj.com
~ Intoxicating Olives; aldenteblog.com

The healthy corner
~ Eat Vegan: Be Healthy, Well-Fed, and Kind; rodale.com

From the mixer
~ A Feast of Innards Nourishes French Nostalgia; nytimes.com
~ Halloween's butterfly (Farfalla di Halloween); corriere.it

Inzhir - Figs and Paleta Iberica (Spanish Cure...Image by ockstyle via Flickr

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