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How do I make my food photography look professional?

"Food can be quite a diva: it doesn’t strike a pose, never smiles. Here come the food stylists, the people who work the magic behind the scenes of a photoshoot"

From drooling over that oozing M&S chocolate pudding to regularly seeking gastronomic titillation on the internet...
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"The language of friendship is not words but meanings." ~Henry David Thoreau (

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

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Southern culinary life
~ Here's the thing about Southern food: For most of our history, it was the best food in the country...
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~ Spook up your supper tonight with these hauntingly delicious Halloween recipes...
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Curious, intrepid, gutsy, a certifiable adventurer, Diana Kennedy takes on the roads and recipes of Oaxaca...

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Food stories
~ For the ordinary Roman, food was basic. The staple diet consisted mostly of a wheat-based porridge, seasoned with herbs or meat if available...
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~ This dessert, the love child of broiled grapefruit and baked Alaska, is as joyful as it is unexpected...
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~ 1966 - The TV camera zooms in for a close-up and focuses on her hands. She may be dicing an onion, mincing a garlic clove, trussing a chicken...
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~ For Halloween trick, a turn back time. And for this week's treat, all foods deviled. Spooky enough?...
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Food for thought
Worried about your declining brain? Drink a glass of juice. Concerned about high cholesterol? Reach for the margarine...

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Pantry notes
~ Salt is a mineral essential to the human body, yet we tend to think of it as a spice essential to cooking...
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~ Thinking about pumpkins, apples and chestnuts...
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Meetic Italy

From the mixer
~ Discover Carmignano;
~ What's Next For The Folks Behind Bacon Salt & Baconnaise?;
~ The Year's Biggest Pumpkin Sets World Record;

Pear and Blue Cheese MillefeuillesImage by ockstyle via Flickr

~ Cep and Walnut Pizza;

Sea Salt on FoodistaSea Salt

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