Sustainable Seafood or How to Keep Fish on the Menu

Sustainable seafood ~
A new school for undervalued fish ~

"Adventurous chefs are introducing some unlikely fish in the name of 'sustainable seafood.' Will the public bite? Cuttlefish, Sheepshead, Pompano..."

Chefs and seafood lovers rarely see eye to eye where fish is concerned. Diners, for the most part, want fish that tastes mild and...
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Click. Work. Collect
"An apology is a good way to have the last word." ~Author Unknown (

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Sustainable menus
~ Chef Dan Barber researches a dilemma facing many chefs today: how to keep fish on the menu...
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~ It's over-fished and under threat – but sustainable stocks of cod are available, and, if you salt it, very little will go an awfully long way...
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Caught up with Ina Garten, aka Barefoot Contessa, before she's heading off to sign her latest book, "Barefoot Contessa How Easy is That?"...

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Food fight
Being an expert doesn't automatically qualify one to teach - great cooks sometimes find it hard to put their methods onto paper...
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Food and fashion
Ruth Reichl takes notes of three star chefs (and ELLE alums) cooking up a celebratory dinner for a dish on the fashion of food, then and now...
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The way we eat
~ You know immediately that this gal is all about telling the truth, no holds barred...
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Pantry notes
How to pickle a turnip and make a Black Forest gateau without booze...
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Food stories (1940s Archive)
...where even the simplest cooking was fine cooking because it was done with patience and loving care...
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~ Hen-of-the-Woods Mushrooms;
~ Endangered Fish In Aisle 5;
~ Spanish Culinary Traditions Threaten a Favorite Fish;

~ A Shopper’s Dilemma: Buy Local or Organic?
~ Organic Foods - Dirty Dozen Pesticide Residue Foods to Eat Organic;

eToro RU

Healthy corner
~ Exercise Authority;

From the mixer
~ Must Be Jelly: Yeaworth's The Blob;

Toothpicks in a GlassImage by ockstyle via Flickr

Appetibilis ~ Appetizing Posts
~ Unlocking the True Flavor of Mackerel;
~ Cure For The Common Salmon;
~ Red Pepper Pesto Pasta;
~ ChezWhat?: wild mushroom parmigiana;
~ Fig, goat cheese, and honey napoleon;

Atlantic Spanish Mackerel on FoodistaAtlantic Spanish Mackerel

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