Scouring the Fields for Ingredients, a Wild Game!

Chefs in a Chef-less Land ~
First Brigade: French Culinary Trailblazers in Focus

"You step into a professional kitchen at the very lowest rungs of Escoffier’s militaristic brigade and engage the culinary centuries-old traditions"

You’re a 13 year-old in war-torn France. Naturally, it’s time to leave school. While pubescent Americans fret over unwelcome bodily developments...
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"Our whole life is solving puzzles." ~Erno Rubik (

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A wild game
~ Grouse, pheasant, partridge, venison, wild boar, wild duck, teal and hare can currently be found on any menu...
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~ Flavoursome autumnal dishes. You’d be hard - pressed to find a leaner and more free-range meat than game...
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~ Coyotes, deer, and the very idea of ‘game’
~ Wild Duck Foie Gras - Naturally Fatty Duck Livers;

Watch: SeamlessWeb Takes Over Brooklyn Flea;

~ The rabbit has been the scourge of rural New Zealand and Australia for more than a century, since the English first introduced...
Read more: The Secret Ingredient: From the field;

~ Few murmurings that rabbit was not quite the thing, but eventual acquiescence along the lines that if that’s what the chef wants...
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Travel bites
The creative streak coursing through many a Tel Aviv kitchen has spilled over to Jaffa, its ancient and often aesthetically unruly sister...
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to be or not to be
~ Self-identification is one of those never-ending challenges that occupy humans...
Read more: Life as a give-a-shit-atarian: On loving peas, beets, and Tom Robbins;

Eatocracy we'll be sharing their time-tested hosting tips and recipes, as well as plenty from chefs, hospitality experts...

Read more: T minus 24: A laid-back guide to Thanksgiving;

~ For decades, factory farms have used antibiotics even in healthy animals to promote faster growth and...
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Comfort food
Indulge yourself with a treat (or two) from ten of our favorite comfort food recipes for fall. Burger and fries, anyone?...
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Meetic Italy

Healthy corner
~ Fighting food;

From the mixer
~ Food For Thought;

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Meat - Rabbit: Raw ThighsImage by ockstyle via Flickr

Appetibilis - Appetizing Posts of the Day
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Mexican Rabbit on FoodistaMexican Rabbit

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