Foie Gras, Fermented Shark Meat, Turkey Leftovers, ... : A Culinary Adventure!

Arty spirits ~
Art That’s Best Seen Through the Bottom of a Glass

"Culturefix, a combination bar and gallery, won’t let you gaze upon art with a martini per se, that’s just because its liquor license covers only beer and wine"

There have long been bars in Manhattan with murals and paintings. Now two bars on the Lower East Side have conceived themselves as spaces for the exhibition of art too...
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"The day was counting up its birds and never got the answer right." ~Author Unknown

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

Divisive delicacy
It's the most divisive issue in gastronomy. Where do you stand on the production, and consumption, of foie gras?...
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Culinary adventure
One thing you won't hear in Eythor Halldorsson's restaurant are complaints about the shark being rotten. The aroma, between ammonia and blue cheese, it's meant to be...
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~ To Make a Lamprey Pie;
~ Lamprey;

Rare bites
A marketing guy always up for an interesting challenge, on the trail of an ancient, rare breed of fish in the Yukon, trying to develop markets for Arctic lamprey...
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Eating out
~ Most weekdays, Alejandro Langer's modest home looks like most others, but on weekends, Langer becomes the head chef of his "La Cocina Discreta"...
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~ Forget suburban couples and church socials. Potlucks are having a cool comeback...
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Holidays table
Three culinary presents to make at home: Leon's lemon & lime marmalade, Giorgio Locatelli's pesto and...
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In Season
Confusingly, three different, unrelated plants are all known by this name. The globe artichoke is related to the thistle...
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Running out of ideas for how to get your five portions of fruit and veg a day? Here's some inspiration...
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Everyday ingredients
Pantry staples work wonders when used in new ways. Try these unexpected applications for: Chipotle Chile Powder - With flavor combining fiery, smoky, and...
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Cooking with leftover
~ A roast Thanksgiving turkey is one of life's greatest pleasures. But after the feast ...
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~ Avoid Food Waste, Let's Cook with Leftovers!
~ Comfort Food: Meatloaf & Taters;
~ Cooking with Thanksgiving Leftovers, Nova Scotia Lobster Salad and Making Baozi : Culinary Journey!
~ Four Variations on Thanksgiving Leftovers;
~ Leftovers Gone Wild - White Lasagna with Turkey and Mushrooms;
~ Roasted Turkey Soup;
~ Turkey Cranchiladas;

Healthy corner
~ The esoteric artichoke;

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Sea - Anchovies: Raw Anchovy on a Crystal PlateImage by ockstyle via Flickr
~ Zucca al Forno {Baked Squash};
~ Lamb Khebabs;
~ No More Turkey Leftovers - Lamb Meatballs;
~ Frog Legs Recipe;
~ Stir Fry Wild Fern Shoots With Shrimp Paste;

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