Chefs Are Going Wild! Aquaculture, Potatoes and Foraging

Chef Gone Wild!
Looking Past the Garden for Wild New Ingredients ~

"Foraging can yield many new ingredients, nasturtium flowers, leaves, pods, eucalyptus bark, lichen, pine needles, yarrow, mustard flowers"

Increasingly, the ingredients that chefs are seeking out are not the ones everyone can order; they’re the ones few have ever heard of...
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"Never eat more than you can lift. (Miss Piggy's Guide to Life)" ~Miss Piggy

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Sea notes
~ The Local Ocean fish farm in Hudson, N.Y., may be an aquaculture game-changer, raising saltwater fish in tanks on land...
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~ Hey seafood lovers here a fishmongers' list of some pretty cool seafood, a treasure chest of ocean fresh options...
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~ Dungeness Crab Fishing in California;

Food stories
~ 3 Thanksgiving Cookbook Authors Dish on Their Craft;

Pantry notes
~ Healthy Fall Recipes - Why should you make the weekly trek to your local farmers' market instead of to the nearest mega-grocer?...
Read more: How to Use 11 Tricky (But Healthy) Fall Farmers' Market Fruits and Vegetables;

Let's talk about potatoes
~ Cinnamon adds fragrance and a subtle sweetness to roasted potatoes...
Read more: Potatoes With Crunch, Without the Cabin;
~ A sweet potato pie unlike the rest, with custard that’s rich and light and a crust with a slightly exotic flavor profile....
Read more: Sweet Potato Pie: Tradition, Plus;

~ How Sweet it Is! Last Minute Sweet Potato Recipe Ideas;

Healthy corner
~ A Heart-Healthy Snack Food;

From the mixer
~ Glossary to understand Italian Food terms;

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Limed Snapper on FoodistaLimed Snapper

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