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Food Trend Alert ~
Sardines Make a Serious Comeback Amongst Environmentalists, Health Nuts, and Foodies

"Eating tuna and salmon is the functional equivalent of eating grizzly bears and cougars on land"

Sardine Sustainability - Sardines are on the Monterey Bay Aquarium green list because they are sustainably managed and...
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"You can give without loving, but you can never love without giving." ~Author Unknown; (

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Oily Fish
Sardines are baby pilchards – long, thin, silver, oil-rich fish. (Oil-rich fish, or oily fish, are those that have oil distributed through their body)...
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Bouillabaisse, the one-pot fish stew from Southern France, has been cropping up on some of New York's finest menus...
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Food Festivals
La Tomatina - What's rumored to have originated as a local brawl (possibly an attack on city council members by disgruntled townspeople) in Buñol, Spain...

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New Toques
Quebec's gastronomy has come a long way and it keeps reinventing itself, with the help of proud, creative and hard-working younger chefs...
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Healthy and UnHealthy
~ There’s a wide variety of healthy seafood choices. Although many fish and shellfish are inherently high in cholesterol, eating seafood twice a week...
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~ Seafood is often considered a healthy alternative to other forms of animal protein. However, due to deteriorating environmental conditions, some seafood is becoming unhealthy...
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Learn more about Native Remedies

Will Consumers Accept?
Keeping an eye on the FDA as the agency debates whether to approve genetically modified salmon for sale in the U.S...
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Successful Enterprises
Tom Colicchio talks about what to avoid if you want to succeed as a restaurant owner...
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Best cookbooks - Joël Robuchon currently holds 25 Michelin stars, more than any other chef in the world...

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Restaurant Interiors
Dining as art—designers create dazzling restaurant interiors and installations...
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From the Mixer
~ Genetically Modified Salmon - Frankenfish Health Effects;
~ "Fish Dependence Day" Arrives a Month Earlier for European Union & Its Troubled Fish Stocks;
~ Europe's fishing industry 'unsustainable' as stocks drop;

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