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Mediterranean and Eastern European recipes ~
In Israel, a Pork Cookbook Challenges a Taboo

"A Pork Cookbook in Israel? A retired cardiologist has written “The White Book,” touted as the first cookbook of its kind. (Not Kosher)"

Any author has to deal with bad reviews, but how about the wrath of God?
Read more: In Israel, a Pork Cookbook Challenges a Taboo;

"Sugar, (Merilyn Monroe): A herring? Isn't it amazing how they get those big fish into those little glass jars?
Junior, (Tony Curtis): They shrink when they're marinated."
Memorable quotes for "Some Like It Hot" (1959);

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Irresistibly Satisfying
~ A double-dip economic downturn would just be au jus to resilient, reinvented, recession-proof sandwich...
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~ Sandwiches have graduated from the lunchbox to trendy restaurants. Here, great ethnic-inspired variations...
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Food Festivals
Whatever the temperature, whether the leaves are beginning to turn, celebrations of national and local foodways show no sign of slowing down...

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Food Stories
~ Artifice and illusion are essential ingredients in creating fantasy food, but without real imagination...
Read more: Fantasy food cookbooks;

~ 'Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!' From the grotesque to the hilarious, serve us up some food-related horror stories...
Read more: Non-essential ingredients;

Cooking the Books with
~ Lidia Bastianch known for her Italian cookbooks and restaurants, has another role that she deems just as (if not even more) important: grandmother...
Read more: Chef writes 'Nonna Tell Me a Story' - Lidia Bastianich;

~ Harold McGee’s On Food and Cooking is that rare kitchen reference commonly found in restaurants and homes...
Read more: Discussing the 'Keys to Good Cooking' - Harold McGee;

Food on Film
Mincing No Words Even the late master Surrealist filmmaker Luis Buñuel, he of the famous slit eyeball, would likely agree with...
Read more: Blood, Sweat & Jeers;

Mysterious Alchemists
If you've ever looked at food on a page - in a cookbook, a magazine or an advertisement - you've probably seen Delores Custer at work...
Read more: White plates, light garnish: Learn from the food stylist;

Rock Oysters
An e-mail titled “Living the dream”. Attached is a photograph, of five young people eating oysters in a field, with Stonehenge in the background...
Read more: The raw, the fried and the cooked;

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