Culinary Journey: Italian Caviar, Zakuski-N-Tapas, Liberian Food and Best Meals Between Bread

Tuxedo spud ~
Solanum Tuberosum Delux ~

"Underneath, it is just a humble jacket potato. But a top topping comes at a top price."

And for this caviar dressed meal, you'll have to fork out £40 per spud.
Which makes it, in all probability, the world's most expensive baked potato. ...
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"For me, the cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake." ~Alfred Hitchcock;

Zakuski and Tapas
The tradition of small bites served with libations exists in many cultures, from the mezze spreads of the Middle East to ...
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Liberian food
A Return to Liberia. A culinary tour through Monrovia incorporates the best of West African cooking with traditions from the American South ...
Read more: A Liberian Tour With Fork (and Fingers);

Sandwich Hall of Fame
A slide show, histories, map and recommendations on where to eat NOLA's best meals between bread ...
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Not just sustenance
At its most elemental, the sandwich is an efficient delivery system for protein, carbs, and ...
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...some restaurants feel they need to push the envelope in order to stay popular, but this is totally nuts. ...
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Which Line is Longer?

What to Eat:
With the heavy summer air settling in, keep cool with tzatziki, artichoke soup, ...
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Tasty travels through Canada
Multicourse tasting, a replica of meals that would have been served hundreds of years ago. ...
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Great dishes
A fresh egg, properly poached, is the key to this French salad. A bit of work but the salad is delicious ...
Read more: The Minimalist - The Secret to a Great Salade Lyonnaise;

Handy Cookbook
A small boat, a riverbank, an open field, a tent, ...
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~ Citrus fruits are always going to be imported, but it is arguably more eco-friendly to import them than to grow them ...
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~ Visit any American supermarket, and you'll probably find a "gourmet aisle," ...
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Veg - Vegetables PieImage by ockstyle via Flickr

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Citrus Fruit Dressing on FoodistaCitrus Fruit Dressing

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