Culinary Journey: Asian: Bebek betutu, Naengmyeon, Natto, ...

Indonesia ~

The Story behind Bali's bebek betutu ~

"The origins of bebek betutu can be traced back as far as Prometheus gave man the gift of high heat."

Indonesia's tasty duck dish gets its charred taste from rice husks. ...
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"Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely." ~Auguste Rodin (*)

Asian greens
Try incorporating any of the listed greens into your recipes, they are tasty and healthy ...
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Expert Eleanor Hoh, also known as Wok Star, share the top 12 wok tips that everyone could use ...
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India might have far more vegetarians than most nations, but in Delhi, the capital, restaurant diners seem to prefer meat—in cubes, slabs or heaps. ...
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In cozy and friendly Japanese-style bars, customers often pour drinks for each other from bottles of beer as a gesture of companionship. ...
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Japanese healthy food
Natto is a traditional Japanese food and is commonly eaten for breakfast ...
Read more: Nattokinase and Japanese Natto;

Korean noodles
Korean cold noodles, naengmyeon, are Korea's counterpart to Japanese soba. Long and thin noodles are made from different kinds of flour, ...
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Korean dumplings
SEOUL — There are as many recipes for mandu as there are families who make it. ...
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Strolling through Imbi Market in Kuala Lumpur is like a whirlwind gastronomic tour of Asia. ...
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Appetibilis ~ Appetizing Posts of the Day

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Noodle Dipping Sauce on FoodistaNoodle Dipping Sauce

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