Essential Wine Lingo, Sushi Seafood and a Pinch of Art

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Wine lingo

It’s easy to drink good wine, but knowing how to find it is the real secret... What I Wish I Knew When I First Got Into Wine via Wine Folly

Whether you are trying to impress your friends, date, clients, ordering at a fancy restaurant, or... Wine Lingo Cheat Sheet - How to talk wine like a Somm! via

A great theme for an evening with friends, (just drink with moderation)... How to throw a vodka and zakuski party | Entertaining via Matching Food & Wine

You know what wines you like but how do you describe them? Top Wine Tasting Terms To Know And How to Use Them via Wine Folly

Even the most seasoned seafood eaters can be overwhelmed by the options at a sushi bar... Four Essential Sushi Fish to Know via Eater

A pinch of Arts

Valuing an artwork can be a subjective affair. It demands a detailed understanding of an artist’s career,... The Secrets of Art Pricing New Collectors Need to Know via

In video, women found a form free from the male-dominated canon, in much the same way that performance art provided unchartered territory for experimentation... Why Are There So Many Great Women Video Artists? via

From the archives...

2015 :: Massimo Bottura on Lou Reed... when Food meets Art, Science and Schmaltz via Food Meditations

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In vino veritas

È già difficile esprimere un profumo, un gusto, una sensazione con le parole della propria lingua, figuriamoci poi a trasportare le descrizioni barocche e immaginifiche, che gli autori non lesinano... Racconto diVino :: ovvero :: Il sapore delle parole via
A glass of Montepulciano d'Abruzzo... photo: ©SaraScutti per

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