Food Presentation, Fried Chicken and The Perfect Pizza

Few are immune from the urge to show off in the kitchen now and then... Food presentation: how twee is too twee? |

Andrew Scrivani for The New York Times
Overcoming the intimidation factor is a big step toward making your own fried chicken without complications... I Believe I Can Fry |

Though using beer for pizza dough might sound radical, it's just a straightforward way to add malt... Dan Lepard's perfect pizza base and tomato sauce recipes |

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Italica… Quanto tempo si deve camminare per smaltire le calorie |

Riding the winds in Alghero

“True courage is like a kite; a contrary wind raises it higher”
~John Petit-Senn (

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Sardinia Beaches - Top Five Beaches on Sardinia |

Sardinian beaches: the best beaches in Sardinia, divided by province |

Italica… «Il mio sguardo sul paesaggio sardo». Toscano racconta Sardinian Postcards : Lollove

I'm Working on a Book | kokblog

Inspiration VI |

Take Part in Recipe Lab: The Art of Frying |

Brand strategy on social media needs a dose of consumer self-interest | Truly Deeply/Madly

Carving Tools - Vegetables and Fruits [01]
Carving Tools (Photo credit: ockstyle)

Appetibilis : Healthy corner & Gluten-Free notes

With the summer running and sports season upon us, most people getting fit are also considering their sports nutrition... Can you succeed in sport on a specialist diet? | BBC Food

21 Pick Up Lines for People That Only Eat Organic | Foodie Underground

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Looking for recipes? Check : The Recipes Hunter Collection...

Ask to Join The Food Styling and Photography Club on Facebook to improve your skills in food photography and food styling, learn something about cooking and enjoy the visual...
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