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Alsatian Cuisine and Cooking with Beer
(originally published on the 23rd november 2009)

Meat of the Matter

Alsatian choucroute garnie is a meat-lovers treat. An authentic recipe comes from chef Jean-Yves Schillinger of Brasserie Côté Cour in Colmar, France. It features sauerkraut and pork baked together in dry riesling, seasoned with bay leaves, cloves, juniper and berries, while a variety of sausages like knackwursts, boudins blancs and blood sausage are prepared separately.

The first time I visited Alsace, the half-timbered houses and the window boxes filled with geraniums looked to me like something out of a Grimm fairy tale. ...
... In one of the cozy winstubs, or taverns, unique to this northeastern corner of France, ...
Full Story: Meat of the Matter; By Beth Kracklauer, on

"The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do." ~Thomas Jefferson (

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Cooking With Beer

Cooking with beer brings depths of flavor to dishes both savory and sweet. The hops add bitterness, the malted grain adds sweetness, and the effervescence in beer makes it an excellent addition to batters.

The mouth of a perfectly contented man is filled with beer, according to an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic inscription. Many of us would agree that after a hard set of tennis or an afternoon cutting firewood, ...
Full Story: Cooking With Beer; by Kevin D. Weeks, on

A Hamburger Today Grass-Fed Burger from Sidecar in Park Slope

Is it possible to value, nutritionally and ecologically, grain-fed vs. grass-fed beef?

I checked out Sidecar in Park Slope due to a recommendation from AHT reader Dan Federman. He did not recommend that I pair the burger with fried chicken though; I take the blame for that and the subsequent discomfort it wrought on my dining companion's digestive system. ...
Full Story: Grass-Fed Burger from Sidecar in Park Slope; Posted by Robyn Lee

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