Persimmon, Sweet Potato,... Fruits of Fall and Harry Potter

Autumnal offerings ~
Savoring the Fruits of Fall ~

"It happens every year. Autumn gets going and the delicate fruits of summer fade out, making way for their deeper, moodier relatives"

From persimmon spoonbread to apple slaw, 14 recipes that cast the season's bounty in a starring role...
Read more: Savoring the Fruits of Fall;

"If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, "thank you," that would suffice." ~Meister Eckhart (

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

Sweet potato
It's ugly and stubborn, but demand for this heirloom white sweet potato is growing faster than farmers can harvest them...
Read more: Haymans, an Eastern Shore sweet potato prized for generations;

Holidays food etc...
~ Though Stir-up Sunday is traditionally the day to mix mincemeat and plum pudding, and making Christmas cake on that day as well...
Read more: Stir-up Sunday: Cakes and puddings for Christmas;

The root of inspiration
...the creativity of the screenwriter who dreamed up the perfect food to describe his character, and the ability of the baker to translate that character into a dessert...
Read more: From Harold and Maude to Harry Potter: Making Fictional Foods Real;

~ Traditional enough to satisfy great-grandma with a few surprises to shock the kids’ table from its Challah beginning to its jelly doughnut ending...
Read more: Festive Hanukkah Menu;

~ Holiday Gallery: 10 Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Recipes;
~ The stress-free pleasure of Thanksgiving for two;
~ Healthier Thanksgiving Desserts: 21 Recipes;
~ New York’s best holiday markets;

Seafood lovers
~ The art of curing fish. Restaurateurs are using a time-honored preservation technique to produce vibrant flavors, try it at home...
Read more: A sure cure makes for delicious fish;

~ Some healthy seafood appetizer recipes, full of flavor, with a variety of fish and shellfish to satisfy every seafood lover...
Read more: Healthy Seafood Appetizer Recipes;

~ New World Gravlax;
~ The Beautiful Taste—Fish handling, Part 1;

Olive oils with personality
In November, Italy harvests its first batch of olives to be crushed for olive oil, and gourmands around the world line up for the first of the new season’s arrivals...
Read more: Olive Oil Guide;

Chefs' talk
~ Chef Mario Batali looks ahead to the future of food, from farms to school lunches, and asks for moderation...
Read more: Mario Batali on the Future of Food;

~ San Sebastián is a small city with small plates and many chefs. It's also the home to the 12th Annual Gastronomika conference...
Read more: Welcome to San Sebastián, Land of Rain and Chefs;

Water in the news
An entrepreneur has said he plans to save Britain's most exclusive brand of spring water from drying up...
Read more: Still sparkling: Malvern Water flows again;

From the mixer
~ Outcry grows at 'ridiculous' waste of fishing catch - North Sea fishermen are throwing away up to half of all the fish they catch every year...
Read more: North Sea fisheries madness;

~ Kitchen Anxiety: Handling Home Cooking in the 'Top Chef' Era;

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Veg - Potatoes: Bizarre Pink Potatoes [2]Image by ockstyle via Flickr

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~ Ger-Nis Culinary and Herb Center Delicata Squash Recipe;
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Carrot Pudding Souffle on FoodistaCarrot Pudding Souffle

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