The Origin of Soul Food, Finnish Cuisine, Camel Milk and Holidays Rumination

Vacation Rumination ~
The best (and worst) holiday food ~

"Looking back on past holidays it's the food that looms, not the noble Sphinx or the pyramids of Giza"

What's the most memorable food you've eaten on a holiday, and was it remarkable for the right or wrong reasons?...
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"Passion, though a bad regulator, is a powerful spring." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson (*)

Camelidae Health Benefits
Camel's milk is lower in fat and cholesterol than dairy milk, has much higher levels of vitamin C and boasts a number of other health benefits...
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Hot-Dogs and Cocktails
What wedding food can consist of when Fatty ’Cue is caterinÄ¡...
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African American Cooking
Eating organically, sustainably, and locally it's hardly the latest eco-foodie trend. African-Americans have been doing it for 200 years...

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Italian Style
Author of "Italy for the Gourmet Traveler" talks about the challenge of food sampling and writing ...
Read more: In Italy, diners like to savor the flavor in small portions;

India: Brunch Serenity
What do you want in a brunch? Bloody Mary as strong as the coffee, no line (or at least a fast-moving one),...
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Milky Ingredients
~ Beurre blanc - In the spirit of Labor Day, a very hardworking sauce that requires very little work...
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~ Epoisses a washed rind cheese from the village of Epoisses in Burgundy, France...
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Finnish Cuisine
It may not be well known outside of Europe’s northernmost reaches, but diners are starting to pay attention to this fresh and unusual cooking...
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Image from: Finnish cuisine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

From The Mixer
~ Taste of Italy, by way of Miami;
~ Nutrition Trends, Grocery Shopping, Agave Syrup and Kids' Cereal;
~ The Daily Dish - Tricky food;

The Healthy Corner
~ Garlic, asparagus, tuna, and other things you should think twice about before eating on a first date...
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~ A new study finds that an extra serving of green leafy vegetables every day cuts the risk of type 2 diabetes in adults by 14 percent...
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