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Solanum Melongena ~
Why The Priest Fainted: An Ode To Eggplant ~

"Just remember this joke: Knowledge is knowing that eggplant is a fruit; wisdom is not using it in fruit salad"

Eggplant is a fruit, and is treasured in dishes from around the world, here are couple of stories about the origins of Imam Bayildi, a Turkish eggplant dish that translates as "the priest fainted."...
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Kitchens Astir
Driven by a biodynamic garden, David Kinch, of Silicon Valley's Manresa restaurant, is among the chefs singing the praises of umami, the "fifth" taste...
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Snacking on the Rise
Blurring the Line Between Snacks and Meals - When you look at a sandwich, do you see a meal or a snack?"...
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Food Stories : 1940s Archive
A casual affair - The richest source of French regional recipes is in this land of mystery and antiquity, swept by a gentle breeze of garlic...
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Image: Provence - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Paris: Dining Options
The city's grand emporiums offer Champagne, goose eggs and sumptuous scenery—but watch out for that mouse...
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Baguettes and Vietnam
Booming Saigon, a city on the move, lays claim to a specialty, "the ultimate on-the-go fare": the extravagantly stuffed banh mi sandwich...
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Can You Find The Free Secret VitaTop Sample

BBQ Route
From Carolina to California, every state has at least one place that stakes a claim to having "the best BBQ in the world."...
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Any grillmaster will tell you that a burger is only as good as what you put on it...
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Immigrant Cooking
A chicken stew with a thick, spiced sauce...
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Hearty Food
Rotten pot. Not an altogether appealing name for this traditional Castilian bean stew, but what it lacks in elegance it makes up for with nourishing comfort...
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Kaiseki: Extreme Gardening
A servant cuts every flower from a lush gardenia. Upon return home, his master notices the naked plant and becomes enraged...
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Restaurant News
The Counter Custom Built Burgers launched a new "Signature Burgers in a Bowl" menu featuring six predesigned options for guests...
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