Foraging, Weather and Nepitella (Wild-N-Italian)

Hunting for fresh produce ~
Oven-Dried Tomatoes

"Ruby-red tomatoes bought in a Moscow market, unfortunately not very tasty and with the skin thick as that of the eggplant"

Very edible once oven-dried.
Seasoned with: oregano, salt, pepper, sugar, olive oil...

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower." ~Albert Camus (*) -Specializing in Cheap Flights

culinary findings
While foraging for huckleberries, the author met a less known leathery-leaved shrub, the "gaultheria shallon" also know as salal...
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weather forecast
The 2011 issue of the almanac, which claims to be the nation's oldest continuously published periodical,...
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In her autobiography, Italian cooking authority Marcella Hazan tells how she found love and fame—and changed what Americans ate...

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in season
The first oysters fresh off the boat are, frankly, irresistible, but the rest of September’s harvest can be saved for deep midwinter...
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informally delicious
Putting great ingredients on toast is an ideal way to show them off while retaining a sense of informality...
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creative leftovers
We are all so used to buying and eating bread that we tend to take it for granted...
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New York Pass

go beyond grilling
Salmon is tasty, versatile, and healthful — but cooks should choose their salmon wisely...
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Award winning chef Heston Blumenthal performs a masterclass in selecting and filleting fresh fish in this great clip from BBC cooking show "In Search of Perfection"...
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Wild Italian...

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vegetable instruments
Imagine trying to play a pumpkin. Or a cucumber, pepper or eggplant...
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eating habits
All it takes is three weeks of eating vegan before you start to feel positive effects...
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from the mixer >>
~ Bread - How interesting ethnic carriers can turn standard sandwiches into bigger breadwinners...
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~ Culinary discounts - If there's one upside for foodies in this depressing economy,...
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~ Future brides and bridegrooms are deciding to throw culinary pre-wedding parties, trading in the bump and grind for the tasting menu...
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from the blogosphere >>
~ Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch or Dinner? Definitely dinner...
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~ I submitted an entry into the Queen Anne Farmers Market Holy Tomato! Contest...
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~ A mindful carnivore stories...
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