Culinary Journey: Twilight Bites, Bourdain in Lebanon, Japan Traditional Dishes, ...

The blame game ~

Gulf Report ~

"As the Mississippi coast has been showing true signs of recovery after Katrina, now the oil spill."

These words do not come easy. When I began to write these words about the most incredible whole red snapper—still on the bone, ...

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"Life itself is the proper binge." ~Julia Child quote (*)

Wonder & Hope
The travel-and-food guru Anthony Bourdain was filming his show in Lebanon when the Hizbullah war broke out in 2006. Now, he returns to finish the job. ...
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Japan History & Culture
Once known in the west either in the form of "sukiyaki" or the more exotic "sushi," Japanese cuisine has in recent years become much more familiar and appreciated around the world. ...
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Guangzhou and Dongbei food
I'm a dedicated Chinese-food lover, but my many eating trips to China hadn't quite prepared me for this meal: ...
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Athens eating out
Athenians are feeling the crisis acutely -- and many have lost their appetite for spending ...
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Vampires and dining
The angsty-teen vampire hit Twilight has inspired more than mere swooning: it now has a cookbook to call all its own. ...
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Asian Amuse Bouche [Thai Rice Fritters]Image by ockstyle via Flickr

Appetibilis ~ Appetizing Posts of the Day

~ Khandvi; Despite Nuisances I will be happy
~ Badami roghan josh, or lamb cooked in a dark almond sauce, Indian style; them apples
~ Pender Island Cobb Salad; Island Vittles
~ Caramelized Red Pear Salad; Caution: Caveman Cooking
~ Italian Chicken Salad; Food0grafia

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