Longevity, Gastronomy and Black Truffles

Black delights ~
France: Taste delights of truffle trail

"The 18th-century French gastronome Brillat-Savarin called the truffles: the diamond of the kitchen"

Filled with anticipation, I held the black truffle to my nose and took a deep sniff. Nothing.
I sniffed again, ...

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"If you want an interesting party sometime, combine cocktails and a fresh box of crayons for everyone." ~Robert Fulghum (*) QuoteGarden.com

World's delicacies
Difficult to find and divine to eat, there is much to be gleaned from one of nature’s most delicious delicacies. ...
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Tricks of the trade
Tips from the president of an Italian company that supplies truffles and has the enviable task of tasting the expensive delicacies, frequently. ...
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Vallee de champignons
For a taste of the woods, you don't have to forage for mushrooms: dedicated foodies are cultivating them at home. ...
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Study: TV Food Ads Encourage Unhealthy Diets ...
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The road to longevity
A type of ultimate longevity grocery list of foods that can fight disease and, supposedly, add years to your life. ...
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Fiery food
Some like it hot; I order the spiciest green curry on the menu, ask for extra jalapeños ...
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Healthy Eating
Don’t feel like cooking a huge dinner, check these recipes ...
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Black Summer Truffle on FoodistaBlack Summer Truffle

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