Meat: 16 Tips For The Perfect Burger, ...

BBQ and Grilling ~

16 Tips For The Perfect Burger

"Would you rather have a juicy product that took an extra minute or a non-juicy product that came a little faster?"

Backyard burgers. What could be more American? What could be a bigger crowd pleaser? What could be easier? ...

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"A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business." ~Henry Ford (*)

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Summer Burgers
When you're dealing with the king of persnickety cooking, you expect a little hassle for your food. You also expect big-time payoff. ...
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Chicken or Beef
Ground beef prices are sizzling, up double-digit rates from a year ago, a move that normally triggers menu increases at fast-food restaurants. ...
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Health and Meat
Eating processed meat such as sausages increases the likelihood of heart disease, while red meat does not seem to be as harmful, a study suggests. ...
Read more: 'Sausage not steak' increases heart disease risk;

Food Porn
A Canadian chef tried to set a new world record earlier this month by grilling up what he hopes is the world's largest hamburger, the Toronto Sun reported. ...
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Spicy Chicken with Cashew Nuts and Steamed RiceImage by ockstyle via Flickr

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Vegetarian Burgers on FoodistaVegetarian Burgers

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