The Art of 'Food Styling' by Delores Custer, (Magnum Opus)

Foodies with character ~

Food Stylists Put The Sizzle On Your Burger

"Ever wonder why your Big Mac never looks as good as the one in the ads? You don't have a food stylist picking out the 'ingredients with character'."

What's Behind The Perfect Sandwich
Try to get through the day without seeing a photograph of food. You can't. Those images are everywhere, ...

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"The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do." ~Thomas Jefferson (*)

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Being Labelled as “Foodies”
Are you a culinary populist or an elitist? If you’re a foodie, chances are you’re a bit of both. ...
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Open for Breakfast?
A recent conversation with show business journalist Baz Bamigboye reminded me how different business lunches are now from 25 years ago, ...
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Book Review
As roommates and friends at Yale University and later in New York, Dave Lieberman and Anahad O’Connor found themselves on opposite sides of a culinary divide. ...
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Preserved Fruits in a Glass JarImage by ockstyle via Flickr

Appetibilis ~ Appetizing Posts of the Day

~ Soft Tofu Salad with Ponzu Dressing The Food Addicts;
~ Spinach Strawberry Salad Cook book of trial and error;
~ Funghi Portobello con Carciofi {Grilled Portobello w/sauteed Artichokes} bell'alimento;
~ Eco-Ceviche A Spicy Perspective;
~ BBQ Tempeh Tacos, Red Kale Salad with Sweet Mustard Dressing and Weightloss progress An Opera Singer in the Kitchen;

Pomegranate on FoodistaPomegranate

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