Salt with Extra Punch and More Festive Cooking

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Impress Your Guests
Home-smoked salts add zest to party menus
Add flavor by smoking or infusing salt
Salt can be given an extra punch by smoking it or infusing other flavors.
The process is not difficult and can be done in a smoker or a barbecue grill.

When smoking salt, you can infuse it with flavours like vanilla or lemon. Although you can easily pick up smoked salt at the grocery store, making your own produces stronger flavour. ...
... The process of smoking salt and/or infusing it with whatever flavour you like is a lot simpler than it sounds ...
Full Story: Home-smoked salts add zest to party menus; by Sebastien Centner, Globe and Mail


Food & Drink
How to make a Christmas pudding
The festive countdown begins with Stir-Up Sunday this weekend, the traditional day to bake this festive pud

Christmas puddings are traditionally prepared on the Sunday before Advent, which, this year, is the 22 November.
The pudding is made in advance in order to allow the flavours of the fruit, sugar and alcohol to fully develop.
The name, Stir-Up Sunday, is taken from the Collect for the Sunday ...
Full Story: How to make a Christmas pudding; by Rhoda Buchanan/Sarah Bloch, on
See Also: Classic Christmas Pudding. What's Christmas without the pud? This is a plump pudding with history...; on BBC Good Food

Cooking with mandarins: oranges are not the only fruit this Christmas
Easy-peel citrus adds zest to holiday recipes
Satsumas, clementines, tangerines alike oranges, mandarins, etc, belong to Citrus family, delicious easy-peel citrus fruit are from the Mediterranean Area.
They add a sunny burst of flavor to pannacotta, marmalade, biscuits and more.

Thanks to its winter chill, Spain's easy-peel citrus fruit - satsumas, clementines and tangerines - is the cool choice.
It's raining in the mandarin groves of Huelva, southern Spain, and Emmett Lunny is happy. As fruit expert for ...
Full Story: Cooking with mandarins: oranges are not the only fruit this Christmas; By Xanthe Clay, on the

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