Cod, Herring, Shark, Sheep... Good Viking Food!

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Bringing people up-close to the source of their food is admirably rational, but that rotten fish seemed anything but... In Iceland, food is a challenge, not a meal. Good Viking food!

Photo credit: Steve Parfitt


Quanto ne sai sul sushi? 10 domande per dimostrare di essere veri Shokunin, maestri del sushi... Fai il test!

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FUN FACT: The traditional way of fermenting shark is to bury it in the ground and then urinating on it before letting it ferment for months. Sounds yummy, right?

7 Dishes You Have to Eat in Iceland - Like in most of Scandinavia, the cuisine is entirely inspired by the ingredients Icelanders have around them, from the free-roaming sheep to the cod, herring, and char that splash around the cold Arctic waters

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Why all calories aren't created equal - Firstly, high value low calories can easily be confused with low value empty ones. “You are what you eat and absorb - food is more than just energy - it’s what repairs cells and keeps us nourished,”

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