Idiot's Guide to Wine Pairing and Eco Guide to Eating Meat

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In vino veritas...

If you follow the vast world of fermented grapes, you may have noticed an influx of so-called natural wines... What The Heck Is Natural Wine? Here's A Taste : The Salt via NPR

Wine can be intimidating to a lot of people. Throw in the idea of pairing it with cheese and it quickly gets way too fancy... The Idiot's Guide To Pairing Wine With Cheese via

Younger consumers, the millennials and Generation X’ers, are proving to be adventurous in their tastes for alcohol... What the future may hold for winemakers and wine drinkers via The Washington Post

Food (and drinks) for thought

A short film about Shimizu San, a farmer living in a small town outside of Tokyo where he has been making udon noodles for the last 45 years (and growing the wheat for it too!)... For Udon and Country from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo.

A life of everything bagel sandwiches and warm sticky buns can take its toll... A Baker’s Antidote for Overindulgence via


Do food retailers have a responsibility to sell less? Not all animals are equal, ethically... The eco guide to eating meat by Lucy Siegle via The Guardian

Veggies Galore

Wait, you can be healthy without eating a salad? 38 Healthy Things To Eat If You Absolutely Hate Salad via

Healthy Notes

Keeping your digestive system happy is a major component for losing weight... 11 “One-Spoonful” Hacks to Lose Weight via Bembu

The secret to a slim figure might be as simple as…eating poop... Would you swallow frozen poop if it made you lose weight? via New York Post

Sweet Moments

"Cicerchiata” cluster-cake by Sara Scutti

Widely popular in Southern Italy, with subtle variations but with different names: in Campania it is called “struffoli”, in Calabria “cicirata” or “turdiddi”, in Umbria and Abruzzo “cicerchiata” and in Palermo “strufoli”... Sara’s Cicerchiata – It’s Carnival Season! via

From Food Meditations archives...

2015 :: The Art of Steak and How to Get an Education in Meat

2014 :: Part-Time Vegans and Gluten-Free Foods to Avoid

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