Film Photography, Wine Lists and Flexitarian Notes

Prepping prawn for deep-frying... | photo: ©ockstyle -

Manual Photography:

Film photography may seem like a relic of the past, but it’s gaining increasing popularity lately... The Manual Photographer’s Cheat Sheet via PictureCorrect


"It's a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy." ~ Lucille Ball (

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In Vino Veritas:

A new class of younger, hipper sommeliers is moving in and the once stodgy scheme of classifying wine is getting a facelift... A New Wave of Wine Lists via Eater

Forget the Nutribullet: wine is clearly good for you via

Meatless Monday and beyond:

The question of giving up meat entirely in order to make a difference doesn't appeal to everyone... No more meat (during the week): why I'm going flexitarian for Lent via Stylist Magazine

Food for thought:

Whether you feel warm and fuzzy or grit your teeth at the thought, the family dinner is an opportunity for familial communication... 'No Place For Discontent': A History Of The Family Dinner In America : The Salt via NPR

Healthy Notes:

The main attraction to sugar, for both humans and animals, is its sweet taste... What happens to your body an hour after eating sugar? via The Independent


L'eccesso di zuccheri, la predilezione per il fast food anche a colazione, la mania del gluten free... L'arte racconta le contraddizioni nel mondo del food via L'espresso food&wine

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