Culinary Globetrotting: Korean Language and Indigenous Ingredients

Mark Bittman has a new column in The New York Times. It's about food, but also it's about the way we eat in these trying food times... The Rise of the Food-Tarians | The Atlantic Wire

Hangeul, the Korean writing system
Exploring the invention and structure of hangeul the Korean Language, paired with a series of images showing everyday food and drink... | Cereal Magazine

Indigenous Ingredients & Apple Biodiversity. Chef Alex Atala characterizes new ingredients from the Amazon basin... | scienceandfooducla

Culinary Globetrotting: Pankakes, Coq-au-Vin and Fruity News
(originally published on the 7th December 2009)

Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Home Cooking: A Pancake For Any Time of Day
Sweet or savory corn cakes' tale.
Adapting a basic corn bread recipe to make cornmeal cakes with an improvised roasting pan is turning the corn cakes into a satisfying lunch or dinner, to be served with slow-cooked meat and sour cream in an Appalachians cabin, as elsewhere.
Occasionally, I retreat to a friend's cabin in the West Virginia Appalachians to rest and cook with what is there: a rudimentary kitchen and what the local store offers me. These constraints are a pleasing challenge that deconstruct my city self. I've improvised roasting pans out of tin foil, and ...
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Recipes: Coq au vin can’t be bettered
Like most fine stews, coq-au-vin is an assembly dish when a collection of ingredients are cooked individually and then finished all together.
This French chicken stew makes the perfect autumn comfort food. Prepare with love a day ahead for the tastiest result.
One of the drawbacks of being a food writer is that I rarely get the opportunity to cook favourite recipes because I’m forever dreaming up new ideas or refining classic dishes.
Coq au vin is a special exception; ...
Full Story: Coq au vin can’t be bettered; from the

Food & Wine: Mountain air gives Placer-grown mandarin oranges their marvelous taste

Tony Aguilar Sr., 87, inspects a load of mandarins at the family orchard in Penryn.

PENRYN – The air carries an extra crispness and a whiff of citrus here, 700 feet above the Valley. Sloping citrus groves line the hillside at Highland Orchard in the heart of Placer County's mandarin country.
Mandarins hang like bright orange ornaments in these orchards, ...
Full Story: Mountain air gives Placer-grown mandarin oranges their marvelous taste; from

Blueberry on Foodista

Sweet News: Give yourself a blueberry thrill: This versatile fruit is a superfood in more ways than one...
They used to be an expensive healthy treat. but now blueberries are cheap and easy to find, isn't it time you tapped in to their versatility?
Until recently, blueberries were a rather expensive treat, but sales have soared in recent years as we have developed a taste for them, which means growers here and abroad have stepped up production and prices have come down.
This is great news for cooks, as blueberries are a superfood in more ways than one. ...
Full Story: Give yourself a blueberry thrill: This versatile fruit is a superfood in more ways than one; from the

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