Shoots, Leaves and Tuna Sandwiches, Pumpkin, Candies and Minestrone

Neanderthal teeth ~
Eats Shoots And Leaves Clues

"Matt Kaplan conducts a prehistoric experiment"

New evidence suggests that Neanderthal man ate plants without any real nutritional value. But why?... More Intelligent Life ~ Eats Shoots And Leaves Clues

There's really only one way to make a proper tuna sandwich - your own... The Guardian ~ How to eat: tuna sandwiches

Could three or four cups a day spell better health in your future?... The Washington Post ~ Catching winter critters

A pro's gruesome batch of Jack-o-lanterns... Food Republic ~ Insane Gourds! The World's Most Awesome Pumpkin Sculptures

French Notes… Le 18e Salon du chocolat, qui s'ouvre au Parc des expositions à Paris... ~ A la recherche des fèves d'exception

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Journal Parisien : Lèche-vitrine, Rue du Bac, Paris 7e
Pixie, kobold, elf, and sprite,
All are on their rounds tonight;
In the wan moon's silver ray,
Thrives their helter-skelter play.
~Joel Benton (

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

French Notes… Drôle de célébration... ~ France-Espagne, l'autre match

The Pursuit of Hoppiness... GQ ~ Beer Guide

A scotch lover's tour through French whiskey country (yes, you read that right)... ~ Tour Around French Whiskey Country

Sturdy squashes like kabocha and butternut offer sweet, earthy flavor and a silky texture that’s welcome in soup, salads, lasagna and even muffins... ~ Winter Squash, Five Ways

Hurricane Sandy | Minestrone Recipe... Zester Daily ~ When the Cupboards are Bare: Soup for a Hurricane | Martha Rose Shulman

An article in the daily paper that portrays food bloggers as naive amateurs willing to flog products, people, and... Will Write for Food ~ Are Food Bloggers Pushovers?

"My dad told me that fast food was all made with donkey dick — and I guess that stuck."... Grub Street New York ~ Simon Doonan Eats ‘Lesbian’ Breakfasts, Avoids Junk Food at All Costs

Healthy corner & Gluten-Free notes
* On Parenting... The Washington Post ~ Popcorn, Heartland-style
* ::GlutenFree Etc @FoodMeditations:: Healthy eating in the global food community ...

Pavlova Ritz
Pavlova Ritz (Photo credit: ockstyle)

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