Intimate Meals : Canapés, Tapas and Some Power Ingredients!

Sex and the Food:
Ingredients that get men running

"In addition to a handkerchief, men should always carry a stalk of celery in their jacket pocket"

Zink, iron, phosphorus and calcium should always be on a man’s list of elements to consume before a hot date...
Read more: Sex and the Food: ingredients that get men running; Thousand of popular restaurants. Fo
"Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it." ~Jacques Prévert (

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

Parties and weddings
Keep your canapés simple, varied in taste and easily dispatched with one hand says Stevie Parle...
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Power ingredients
Don't let shellfish intimidate you. These healthy recipes for oysters, clams, and mussels, are easy enough for any home cook to master...
Read more: Shellfish Recipes - Easy Mussel and Oyster Recipes;

The popularity of tapas
The Spanish know how to eat. No more evidence is needed than the invention of tapas, those appetizer-size dishes—think boquerones...
Read more: Piquillo Peppers;

Taste makers
"Let the ingredient be the star". The celebrated French chef reveals the formula behind his record 26 Michelin Stars...
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Travel bites
~ The trips were a mixture of business and research, as well as cooking dinners for the likes of the jewellery designer...
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~ Foreign Grocery Friday: The Pink Cuberdons of Ghent;

Cosmic cookery
How fringe religious groups helped launch the healthy eating movement...
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Gluten-Free notes
~ Gluten-free diet;
~ Nutrition Tip: Gluten Free — Fad or Cure?

Healthy corner
~ Raising Vegetarian Children;
~ Yo-yo dieting could be GOOD for you after all;

Food for thought
~ "How we eat determines to a considerable extent how the world is used," writes Wendell Berry in What are People For? ...
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~ Tuna's Slow Death: Feds Refuse to Protect the Bluefin (Again);

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Cappuccino, what a lovely!Image by ockstyle via Flickr
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~ Crispy Zucchini Blossoms Stuffed With Goat Cheese And Chives;
~ Endless Simmer: 100 Ways to Use Strawberries;

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