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Consider the tomato

"We associate tomatoes most often with the Mediterranean but nowadays they seem almost as English as apples"

Thousands of varieties and a million uses make the tomato the most useful fruit in the kitchen...
Read more: Consider the tomato; guardian.co.uk

Restaurant.com Thousand of popular restaurants. Fo
"There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed." ~Mohandas K. Gandhi (quotegarden.com)

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Culled from the ocean
There's something special about seafood... Restaurants with seafood worth a plane ticket...
Read more: The World's Best: Three Restaurants That Take Seafood to the Next Level; details.com

On wine
The chef talks to Lettie Teague about travel, Champagne and the wine he's 'obsessed' with...
Read more: Alain Ducasse; online.wsj.com

On the subject of duck
In an age of creative, seasonal cuisine, is the idea of the signature dish outdated?...
Read more: Gilt Taste: (Not) Ducking a Legacy; gilttaste.com

Cookbooks ...
One of the how-did-we-get-here narratives of food goes something like this: Starting in the late 1960s...
Read more: Men in the Kitchen: Review of Man with a Pan; civileats.com

Meet the Food Coach
Strategically positioned in the bulk foods section, he is not merely a team member, as company employees are known...
Read more: Shop till you learn something new at the market; washingtonpost.com

Chef talk
~ Earliest food memory, top cookbook, kitchen gadget can't live without...
Read more: Pierre Koffmann: 'My grandparents used to catch or grow most of what we ate' independent.co.uk

~ These days the self-proclaimed mama's boy and peripatetic chef has a full plate, but whenever he can, he likes to chill out in his hometown...
Read more: Celebrity Chefs at Home: Rocco DiSpirito; delish.com

~ 5 minutes with Alessandro Pavoni; mindfood.com
~ Jamie Kennedy discusses his upcoming Niagara Falls restaurant; life.nationalpost.com

Pantry notes
~ Bringing in the cheese; washingtonpost.com

Gluten-Free notes
~ Is it Gluten-Free? Reading Labels; glutenfreehomemaker.com
~ Gluten Free “Medical Supplies” on your Next Flight; thesavvyceliac.com

Healthy corner
~ Can a low-fat diet help stave off Alzheimer's? dailymail.co.uk

Food for thought
~ Chefs with Issues: Why culinary Japan matters – and even more so now; eatocracy.cnn.com
~ Pop-Up Restaurants: Innovation Without Risk; divinecaroline.com

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