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New awareness about fats ~
Ditch the low-fat diet?

"The truth is that fats play an important role in our body’s health"

We’ve survived the era of low-fat diets and learned about the health problems they create, but the media still attempts to guide our thinking...
Read more: New awareness about fats — Ditch the low-fat diet?;

"Every man is the builder of a Temple called his body, nor can he get off by hammering marble instead." ~Henry David Thoreau (

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Down to earth ingredients
~ Notice how any recent mention of fare from Sweden, Norway and Denmark also denotes how a Scandinavian food trend is quickly making its way...
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~ Upon their return from an Italian vacation, most lovers of Italian food unpack their steamer trunk full of new foods, new recipes and new ideas...
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~ Why Bacon Is A Gateway To Meat For Vegetarians;

Temporary Vegetarian
For vegetarians, mushrooms provide a meaty succulence and satisfying texture that can be missing from a meat-free diet...
Read more: Mushrooms Fill in the Blanks for the Meat-Free;

Food stories
~ Earliest food memory... At school, making raspberry buns, which were rock buns...
Read more: Lorraine Pascale: 'The deep-fried insects were a bit grim, but we were ravenous...';

~ An overeater who sought comfort in cheese, chocolate, and charcuterie...
Read more: Ravenous: Dayna Macy faces her food obsessions;

Healthy corner
~ Cleaning up your kids' diet — Cut back on the refined sugar and carbs;

The mixer
~ 'Minimalist' Mark Bittman Serves Last Column;
~ You Are Fascinating;

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Meat - Grilled Chicken Kebabs [on white tablec...Image by ockstyle via Flickr
~ Lemon pie;
~ Turon with Cream Cheese;
~ Turkey Shepherd's Pie;
~ Potato Ravioli (HINGAL);
~ Roasted Shrimp with Goat Cheese;

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Food Meditations [by ockstyle] on FoodistaFood Meditations [by ockstyle]

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