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2010's Top Food News ~
The foodspring 20

"From eco-conscious food trucks to a new-format Italian megastore to celebrity chefs fighting obesity"

The past year has brought plenty of news and innovation on the food front: A-List chefs give back, Hyperlocavore movement, ...
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“Prejudices are what fools use for reason.” ~Voltaire (

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Chef stories
~ To hear anyone else tell it, Reuben Riffel defied stupendous odds in apartheid South Africa to become, at 35, one of Africa's top chefs...
Read more: Cape Crusader: Chef Reuben Riffel;

~ While some New Yorkers eat out or order in so often that they have been known to use kitchen cabinets as shoe storage...
Read more: Even for Chefs, Home Kitchen Can Be Tight Fit;

~ Jamie Oliver's perfect gastro city break ... in Stockholm;

Foodie notes
What foods and culinary trends can you expect to be big in 2011? What gastronomic fads will feature heavily in the coming months...
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Food on film
The all-time 10 best films about food.
"Big Night", a labor of love for Stanley Tucci, who co-wrote, co-directed, and starred...
Read more: Eat, Drink, Men, Women;

Three Recipes by Mark Bittman
“Revolutionary” diet books flood the market this time of year, promising a life changed permanently and for the better...
Read more: Chop, Fry, Boil: Eating for One, or 6 Billion Sustainable Food;

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Healthy corner
~ Many folks read food labels to gain better insight on the foods they choose. However, with so many claims plastered on labels, things can get really confusing...
Read more: Food Labeling: Beware the “Health” Halo;

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Veg - Garlic: Whole Red Garlic Bulbs on Wooden...Image by ockstyle via Flickr
~ Jamie Oliver's Swedish meatballs recipe;
~ Scallops with Peperonata, Aioli & Pork Crackles;
~ Pesto Genovese;
~ Salted Pomegranate Caramels;
~ Gluten Free Pumpkin Roll with Mascarpone and Nutella Filling;

Steamed Clams on FoodistaSteamed Clams

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