Eco-Culinary Frisson and the Bluefin and Shark Fin Trade

An expert explains ~
The joys and perils of "sustainable" seafood labeling

"Why is it so confusing to choose eco-friendly fish? Is it all just marketing baloney?"

What to do when it comes to finding, from the very, very dark, and very, very big sea, seafood fit to be called "sustainable."?...
Read more: The joys and perils of "sustainable" seafood labeling;

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Eco-culinary frisson
~ There’s a new shift in the politics of food, not quite a movement yet. On the menu, pests we can’t get rid of like kudzu, lionfish and Asian carp...
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~ From lionfish to rabbits, we've got recipes to help eat our way out of the invasive species problem...
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~ Exotic food: Jellyfish;

Food TV
Television's all-time most influential foodies. What can you say about Julia Child, James Beard, Jacques Pépin...
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In season
Originally cultivated in the Middle East and Eastern Asia in countries including Israel and India, the pomegranate...
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Brutal trade of shark fins drying out on the sidewalk, in "a quiet area of Hong Kong in between the Whitty Street Tram Depot and...
Read more: Feast Your Eyes: The Shocking Shark Fin Trade;

Don't Tuna Them Out
The acronym ICCAT often might better stand for "International Conspiracy to Catch All Tuna."...
Read more: Boycotting bluefin isn’t enough—time to turn on the siren;

Healthy corner
~ Detox with 2011's new colour;
~ The Antibiotics Crisis;

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