What Do You Look For in a Recipe? Food Choices and Travel Bites

A brand new kitchen ~
Cupboards? Kettles? Food? For the kitchen snobs, they're SO last year!

"­Silestone work surface, separate steam oven, bespoke cabinetry,... But what is it about this abiding obsession we have with the ‘perfect’ kitchen and the envy it stirs up?"

Hunched around a cafe table with a group of six friends, to recount not a night of ­passion, but visiting a rich relative who has a brand new kitchen...
Read more: Cupboards? Kettles? Food? For the kitchen snobs, they're SO last year!; dailymail.co.uk

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” ~Ansel Adams (thinkexist.com)

Delightfully yours, Food Meditations

Patience is the key
What do you look for in a recipe? Do you check for tricky ingredients or anxiously consult the calorie count?...
Read more: Ready, Steady... Stop!; bbcgoodfood.com

~ Seven Questions For...Casson Trenor, Author, Activist, Environmental Hero; jacquelinechurch.com

Family-friendly meals
Easy techniques, secrets of professional chefs, to take dinner to the next level in no time (hopefully!)...
Read more: Gourmet Dinners in 15 Minutes; realsimple.com

Food for thought
Healthland - Eating a healthy diet may be good for you, but it may be unintentionally slimming for the economies of some developing countries...

Read more: Eat a Carrot, Hurt the Economy? Sometimes; time.com

Special occasions
~ How three foodies are breathing fresh life into stale traditions. Sous-Vide Turducken...
Read more: Thanksgiving Recipes: Turkey-Day Alternatives; time.com

~ Reinventing Thanksgiving, Part II: The Cranberry Conundrum; theatlantic.com
~ Bountiful fall crop to prep cooks for the season; sfgate.com
~ Easy delicious meals festive season; allaboutyou.com

Food choices
~ The following is a transcript of a discussion conducted by email during the past few days and lightly edited...
Read more: Food Fight: Will the Food Safety Modernization Act better protect us from contaminated food?; grist.org

~ Eating in New York in 2010. Is it sustainable? Exploring the topic in three vignettes...
Read more: Grass Fed | A Few Beefs About Eating in New York; nytimes.com

Chef's stories
~ A selection of chefs has been asked to reveal their favourite eateries, from local gems to high-end hang-outs...
Read more: Foodies' favourites: Britain's top chefs and restaurateurs reveal where they dine out; independent.co.uk

~ Cutting-Edge Food With Grant Achatz; life.com
~ Are Celebrity Chefs Good for Food? zocalopublicsquare.org

Food photography
Thème de cette année, les végétaux! Ces fruits et légumes de papier glacé sont à admirer jusqu'au 14 novembre à Paris...

Read more: Au menu du festival de photo culinaire 2010; lexpress.fr

Travel bites
~ You sit down for dinner and just as the bread arrives, a huge trolley is rolled up to your table...
Read more: Butter is the New Hot Condiment at Asian Restaurants; wsj.com

~ Italy on a Plate - Week in Italian Food: 11-13-2010; foodloversodyssey.typepad.com
~ Tables for two; mindfood.com
~ A modern twist to traditional paella; bangkokpost.com

Vegies pantry
~ Moving easily through the woods, hunting for the last mushrooms and berries of the season...
Read more: In Search of Nature's Treats; wsj.com

~ Cooks are rediscovering root vegetables; kentucky.com

Healthy corner
~ How to win the cold war; bbcgoodfood.com
~ America's Diet: 3 New Reports; theatlantic.com
~ increase productivity with office plants; gardeninglunatic.com

From the mixer
~ The Never-Ending BPA Controversy; fooducate.com

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Bites - Asparagus and BaconImage by ockstyle via Flickr

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Greek Gyros on FoodistaGreek Gyros

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