Harvesting Wild Mushrooms, Burger Queen and Food Design

It is not for the faint of palate ~
Burger Queen

"In a blind taste test, you could identify Bloomfield’s food by its blasts of salt and lemon. The Spotted Pig, April Bloomfield’s gastropub revolution"

‘Copious’ is a word I like to use when buttering my potatoes,” she says. But in the kitchen she is as composed as her cooking is brazen...
Read more: Burger Queen; newyorker.com

"It is the Americans who have managed to crown minced beef as hamburger, and to send it round the world so that even the fussy French have taken to le boeuf hache, le hambourgaire." ~Julia Child (foodreference.com)

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Pantry notes
The holiday season is upon us, which means a steep rise in luxury food purchases. But before you stock up on fancy goods there have been a few changes...
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Every autumn in the Northern Hemisphere, arguably the most varied and interesting wild food appears on restaurant menus...
Read more: Foraging in the New Forest; wsj.com

Food for thought
It’s one thing to opt for a meatless diet as an adult – but is it a healthy option for growing children too?...

Read more: Can kids thrive on a vegetarian diet?; theage.com.au

Food stories
Nora Ephron’s never been short on material: She turned her messy second divorce into the novel Heartburn...
Read more: Nora Ephron on the Shortcomings of Memory and the Glory of Egg Yolks; fashion.elle.com

Special occasions
Ever want to try something different for Thanksgiving? Like, say, relaxing?...
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~ A Tokyo Thanksgiving — Turning to tradition in a faraway place; culinate.com
~ Pro Cheapskate Jeffrey Strain Attempts Thanksgiving Dinner for 6 - For Less Than $1; aolnews.com

Gluten-Free tips
~ Gluten-Free over the Holidays; celiacteen.com
~ Gluten-free Thanksgiving 2010; glutenfreegirl.blogspot.com
~ Thanksgiving Tips, Recipes & Resources; glutenfreeville.com

Travel bites
~ Michel Bras; alifewortheating.com
~ You Know It's Autumn When...; chicprovence.blogspot.com
~ Ramen – From Tokyo and Beyond, This is No Ordinary Noodle Dish; accidentalepicurean.com

Food design
What is Food Design? And why is it becoming an important part of the food industry? Food designer, Paolo Barichella, responds...
Read more: Food is not a chair. But it can be designed as if it were one; italian-food-lovers.com

Food safety and pets
Pet food is yet another source of possible contamination not just for pets, but for humans as well, particularly children...
Read more: Are You Sharing a Little Too Much with Fluffy? - Delish.com; delish.com

~ Canada Warns Public About Beef Pet Food; foodsafetynews.com

Healthy corner
~ Breaking the Food Seduction; vegsource.com
~ Bow Down To The Medicinal Power Of Cranberries; npr.org
~ Allergy Expert Says Peanut Bans Are An Overreaction To Food Allergies; npr.org
~ Cooking a 'Moderate Form of Exercise' in U.S.; discovery.com

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Bites - Puff Pastry with Snow Peas Savoury Tar...Image by ockstyle via Flickr

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